10 Best Snow Crash Movies

The 10 best snow crash movies are ones that depict creativity and shear snow crashing power. Be it from a vehicle, horse, or a crash at the hands of another man, snow crashes are fun to watch.

  1. "Monsters, Inc." When the two lead characters crash from one door opening into an antarctic blizzard world, nothing but tumbling monster buddies are seen. They crash from the top of a mountain and end up practically buried alive in the snow. Its great fun and really showcases the crew's amazing animating skills.
  2. "Empire Strikes Back" This is an epic snow crash scene that will go down in movie history. The characters find themselves on Hot and the big At-Ats are crashing left and right. For its time, this scene showcased graphics unlike anything cinema had ever seen.
  3. "Cool Runnings" When there is a Jamaican bobsled team trying to compete against other countries from cooler climates, you get a great "fish out of water" type of movie. Whenever the team attempts to train in the snow, they crash – quite a few times in fact!
  4. "Fargo" In Fargo, North Dakota, amidst snow storms and scandals, there is bound to be a crash of some type. However, no one expected this movie to have the dark humor that it did. Cars screeching on and off the roads and crashing into snowy banks on the side of the road, makes this film even colder than the killers in it.
  5. "Die Hard 2" The scene when the plane crashes is insane combination of fire and snow. After the pilot's have been given the wrong information in order for them to land, the plan crashes onto an icy runway and catches on fire. Eventually the entire plane explodes as snowflakes come tumbling down.
  6. "Inception" Towards the end of this movie, the viewer's mind is on fire with questions and confusion. One of the ending scenes takes place in an icy, snowy subconscious of one of the characters. There is an epic battle between the lead characters and the opposing side. What's great about this scene in the movie is that there are several crashes between snow mobiles, hand-to-hand combat, and even explosions.
  7. "Misery" The movie kicks off with a horrific car crash down a snowy mountain. The lead character is trying to protect his latest masterpiece while trying to drive carefully and steadily down a winding, wintery road. Little does he know, what waits for him when he wakes up.
  8. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" As Jack Skeleton attempts to take the reigns as Santa Clause, he is rudely interrupted by flying missiles. His high flying sled crashes into a snowy graveyard and as the snowflakes gently fall, he has a revelation that only Jack Skeleton really could.
  9. "Edward Scissorhands" When it comes to love, Edward Scissorhands will do whatever it takes. Even if that means slightly killing someone. During the joyous holidays, Edward Scissorhands is conflicted between society and his heart. Because of this conflict, he accidently kills another person. The lifeless body comes crashing down into the snow.
  10. "Gladiator" This movie's entire beginning is an epic battle in the snow. Men on horses come crashing down, blades of swords echo through the hollow snowy forests, and the falling mens' bodies are nothing short of disheartening.
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