10 Best Snowboard Goggles

Goggles are an important piece of snowboarding equipment, thus, here's a countdown of the 10 best snowboard goggles. Snowboarding goggles allow you to see when it is snowing or windy. Even if the weather is perfect, you still want to wear snowboarding goggles because you will inevitably spray snow when boarding. Being tortured to death by snowflakes hitting your eyeballs will ruin your day on the mountain, so check out these quality goggles before you hit the mountain.

  1. Smith Phenom Special Edition Goggles. These snowbaording goggles are known for their perfect fit. They feature a cabonic-x lens with TLT optics. They have a dual layer, driWix face foam and adjustable lens ventilation. You can also change the straps.
  2. Smith Prodigy Turbo Fan Goggles. These snowboard goggles are best for foggy conditions. The Turbo Fan goggles feature a vaporator lens technology with a Porex filter. These best goggles even have a fan and are still compatible with your helmet.
  3. The Spy Trevor. These snowboard goggles are by far the coolest looking model spy has to offer. These retro inspired goggles offer 100 percent UV protection. They are made with a polycarbonate cylindrical lens system, which will keep your eyes protected in the even that you fall. They won't fog up or scratch.
  4. The Spy Solider. These goggles are a professional model for serious snowboarders. They are compatible with ot without a helmet. These goggles will conform to fit any face shape and their special 6-layer "Arc" ventilation system makes them anti-fog in any conditions. The foam contains "dri-force" fleece, which will keep for face cool and comfortable. 
  5. Spy Apollo Black Stallion. The Black Stallion snowboard goggles are best for the snowboarder who prefers a minimalist approach. These goggles are as minimalist as you can get while still receiving superior eye protection. The multi-base "mosaic" lens is designed to follow your head's natural curves to give you more peripheral visibility.
  6. Burton Helix. These snowboard goggles are lightweight and inexpensive. These goggles have an amber lens and mirorr which provide high visibility all year round. The Helix comes with easily adjustable straps and they function with or without a helmet. 
  7. Burton Hawkeye Goggle. The Hawkeye goggles have Anon spherical lens technology, combined with fog and scratch resistance. Reviewers like the peripheral vision and say that there are no "blind spots" in these goggles. 
  8. Burton Colorado Figment Goggle. These colorful snowboard goggles are used by professional snowboarders like Jeremy Jones and Hannah Teter. These goggles have adjustable straps, dual lens venting and complete UV protection. 
  9. Burton Realm. These goggles are best for sunny weather snowboarding. They are some of the most advanced snowboard goggles you can buy. The Burton Realm goggles feature Anon optics with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. You can change the strap and they have an Airmesh ventilation system. 
  10. Carerra Raptor. These snowboarding goggles have a multi-blue mirror which function well for most non-extreme weather conditions. These basic goggles are perfect for beginning snowboarders who need something to protect their eyes, but don't need do count on peripheral vision for jumps and tricks. 










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