10 Best Soft Rock Love Songs

Having a playlist of ten best soft rock love songs can come in real handy when entertaining company, stuck in traffic for long periods of time, or simply to enjoy listening to while doing some housework or walking the dog. The best place to look for soft rock love songs is in classics, which for many means the 1970's, 80's, and 90's.

  1. "Glory of Love" – Peter Cetera. A great classic soft rock love song, many may remember it from the second "Karate Kid" movie or hearing it on the radio. The lyrics are easy to listen to, even when focusing on other tasks, and it's always a great one to sing along with.
  2. "Kiss From a Rose" – Seal. He married Heidi Klum, he must have done something right! This is a great song to relax to, easy to listen to, and the lyrics can help push through a boring afternoon or some tedious chores or traffic.
  3. "Love Will Keep Us Alive" – The Eagles. A soft and relaxing song, great for romantic evenings, long car rides, or simply getting through the day's task list. The lyrics are known by almost everyone, even if they can't place the song title or artist, and they're definitely lyrics that inspire.
  4. "I'd Love You to Want Me" – Lobo. A great classic, the lyrics are simple and relatable and the song is easy to listen to whether working in an office, at home, going for a walk or a drive.
  5. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" – Elton John. A newer classic, some may recall it's use in "The Lion King," this great song by Elton John is relaxing, soothing, easy to listen to without being a distraction, and a great addition to a soft rock love songs playlist.
  6. "Love Will Keep Us Together" – Captain & Tennille. A slightly older classic, but always a great soft rock love song. Many know at least some of the words, but those who know the lyrics may find them relatable and motivating. A little more upbeat from some of the other soft rock love songs on this playlist, but a great one to add as well.
  7. "Come What May" – Air Supply. This song is inspirational and romantic, though less common among younger generations. The melody is relaxing and soothing, but upbeat enough to get someone moving through they're chores or daily tasks, or get them through their afternoon in the office.
  8. "The Best of My Love" – The Eagles. Quite well-known and still very popular, this song is yet another great soft rock love song addition to this "ten best" playlist. Most people will recognize the chorus right away, and the lyrics are familiar and relatable, making the song easy to listen to and even easier to get in to when looking for some inspiration to push through the day, or traffic, or whatever.
  9. "Every Breath You Take" – Sting & The Police. While many younger generations will recognize the beat from it's use in a more modern rap song, this soft rock love song classic is a definite oldie but goodie.
  10. "Every Woman in the World" – Air Supply. Quickly recognizable, this song has sweet lyrics that can work great in an office, as a playlist for walking or taking care of household chores, working on a car or computers, or even work well to set a slightly more romantic ambiance.
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