10 Best Soft Rock Songs

The best soft rock songs are the ones that stand out and have sentiment and significance. The songs are filled with meaning and take the listener back to a special time.

  1. "Rich Girl" Sung by Hall and Oates, this soft rock song was the first of six hits by the pop duo singing sensation. The song is about a spoiled, rich girl who used her parents' money for everything. Contrary to rumors, the song was not written about newspaper heiress Patty Hearst.
  2. "You're So Vain" This song was released in December 1972 by Carly Simon and hit number one for three weeks in early 1973. The lyrics tell of a self-absorbed lover and details of who the lover is.
  3. "I Want to Know What Love Is" This power ballad by Foreigner was released in 1984. It hit number one in both America and Britain and remains one of the band's most popular songs. The rhythm starts slow and sensual and soon explodes into a beat made famous by the '80s rock band.
  4. "Missing You" Sung by British musician John Waite, the song hit number one in 1984 and was re-released in 2007 with country singer Alison Krauss singing backup. It's a tear-the-heart-up breakup song and the lyrics still hold true to this day.
  5. "Rosanna" Performed by the American rock band Toto, "Rosanna" hit the top five on the Billboard Charts in 1982. The song won the 1982 Grammy for Record of the Year. With its upbeat tempo and lyrics, this song is known as a soft rock hit today.
  6. "Babe" In 1979, Styx hit it big again with the release of "Babe." The song was written for vocalist and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung's wife as a birthday present and was the band's only number one hit in the United States.
  7. "I'd Do Anything For Love" Performed by Meatloaf in 1993, this song reached number one in 28 countries. The song's infamous opening is the revving of a motorcycle, indicating to listeners that male angst is forthcoming.
  8. "How Deep is Your Love" Recorded in 1977 by the Bee Gees, this song was used in the movie soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever." The song spent seventeen weeks on the Billboard Top 100 and six of the weeks at number one.
  9. "Waiting For a Girl Like You" This song performed by the British band Foreigner has a distinct synthesizer sound and was the second song released off the band's "4" album. Before the song was released in 1981, Foreigner had the reputation of a hard rock band. The ballad is now considered a soft rock hit.
  10. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Recorded by Welsh singer Bonnie Raitt in 1982, it was the singer's most successful hit and is a soft rock classic. Originally offered to Meatloaf to perform, Raitt made it her signature song.
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