10 Best Song About Friends

These 10 best songs about friends offer insight into friendship, relationships, and life experiences we all go through at some point in our lives. If you are looking for songs to use for a certain situation this list of songs should cover your needs from saying thank you, to letting your friend know you there for them, to simply say I appreciate your friendship.

  1. "You’ve Got a Friend" Written by Carole King and performed by James Taylor in 1971. You’ve Got a Friend was James Taylor’s only top single and while recorder by other artists its more widely known by James Taylor.
  2. "Lean on Me" Recorded by Bill Withers, Lean on me become number one on the charts in the early 1970’s. In 1987 Club Nouveau brought it back to the number one spot on the charts.
  3. "Wind Beneath My Wings" Written by Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley. Wind Beneath My Wings was first released by in 1982 by Lou Rawls, then later in the same year by Gary Morris a country singer. It wasn’t until performed in the movie Beaches by Bette Midler the song became popularly known.
  4. "Thank You for Being a Friend" Most widely known as the theme song from the hit sitcom "The Golden Girls" Thank You for Being a Friend was originally performed by Andrew Gold.
  5. "Good Friends and a Glass of Wine" Performed by LeAnn Rimes. This song reminds us that sometimes all we need for a little distressing is a glass of wine and some good friends surrounding us.
  6. With a Little Help From My Friends" Performed in 1967 by the Beatles and in 1968 by Joe Cocker this smash hit become even wider known to today’s generation in the movie Across the Universe a movie based on the songs of the Beatles.
  7. My Old Friend" Is a tribute song Tim McGraw wrote on the passing of a friend. This song reminds us that even though someone has passed they will live on through the love and laughter. It also reminds us not to take for granted the friendships we have built.
  8. I’ll Be There for You" Made popular by the hit TV show Friends. The Rembrandts originally performed this song in 1995. I’ll Be There for You was written by Allee Willis and Michael Skloff.
  9. I’ll Stand by You" Performed by the Pretenders I’ll Stand by You is a real testament to standing by someone through the rough times in line through friendship.
  10. We’re Going to be Friends" Performed by The White Stripes. "We’re Going to be Friends" is the perfect song to share with someone you have a long standing friendship with. A simple look back on easier times on a long ago started friendship.
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