10 Best Song Lyrics About Growing Up

Whether you're scared of growing up or you're looking forward to it, here are the 10 best song lyrics about growing up. By the way, growing up really isn't all that bad.

  1. "Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day. "Dear mother can you hear me laughing? It's been 6 whole months since I've left your home, it makes me wonder why I'm still here, for some strange reason it's now feelin' like my home, and I'm never never gonna' go." This is the perfect track for moving into your own place for the first time. All about fear, fun, and new experiences. Paying rent sucks, but once you realize you don't have a curfew and can party anytime, it won't seem that bad.
  2. "18" by Alice Cooper. "Eighteen, I just don't know what I want." Alice Cooper explains the emotions of everything eighteen year old out there. Not a boy, not yet a man. You'll get there one of these days.
  3. "Jack and Diane" by Bruce Springsteen. "Hold onto sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon, make us women and men." This entire track is all about growing up. Jack and Diane represent every teenager, just trying their best to work through the changes that come with growing up.
  4. "Walk on the Ocean" by Toad the Wet Sprocket. "We don't even have pictures, just memories to hold, grows sweeter each season, as we slowly grow old." This is one of the most sentimental tracks about growing up ever created. These lyrics are haunting, reminding us to always to hold onto memories, because you can't take the past with you.
  5. "Forever Young" by Alphaville. "Forever young, I want to be forever young, do you really want to live forever? Forever young." Forever Young is a classic and makes you really question, Is staying young really all it's cracked up to be? Probably not.
  6. "Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin. "He'd grown up just like me, my boy was just like me." The quintessential song about growing up. Parents weep at this one and one day, you will too. You'll see.
  7. "Changes" by David Bowie. "Pretty soon now you're gonna' get older, time may change me, but I can't trace time." All about accepting changes, but never changing yourself. We all have to grow up eventually, but we never have to let go of what makes us who we are.
  8. "Dammit" by Blink 182. "But everybody's gone, and I've been here for too long, to face this on my own, well I guess this is growing up." Blink 182 hit the target with this classic teenage anthem. Growing up can suck, but you have to do it. Dammit.
  9. "Waiting" by Green Day. "I've been waiting a lifetime, for this moment to come, I'm destined for anything at all." Expecting great things from your future? Then this is the song for you. Green Day mix hope and promise together with a great tune that serves to motivate you into embracing getting older. It's really not that bad, I promise.
  10. "Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe. "For the life of me I cannot remember, what made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise." The Verve Pipe really take hold of what everyone who's "grown up" already knows, you didn't really know what the hell you were talking about back then. Another classic anthem, this track serves up a healthy dose of reality to both the old and the young.
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