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Baby, can I borrow a feeling? Don't use that as a Facebook status; it will get you no where. It will probably embarrass you in front of your former classmates and the few family members that you have deigned to fried on Facebook. Everyone's opinion on the best song lyrics can be wildly varied, but it's safe to assume that it will never include the Spice Girls. That's scientific fact.

There are those that like the idea of expressing their feelings or current mood on Facebook through the lyrics of their favorite songs. Why not? Songs are meant to evoke feelings and possibly even put you in a certain mood, so why wouldn't you want to use song lyrics to best describe your Facebook status? Here is a list of the top ten best song lyrics for Facebook status.

  1. Jason Mraz "Curbside Profit." The chorus of this song says, "I'm just a curbside prophet, with my hand in my pocket, and I'm waiting for my rocket to come." This is an awesome way to show your current mood or status on Facebook cause it almost is a way of stating that you are just chilling and waiting for your time to shine or your rocket in this case. 
  2. John Mayer "Gravity." This song says a very powerful and deep meaning chorus when it says, "Gravity is working against me, and gravity wants to bring me down." Some may perceive this as gravity is being portrayed as being the world and the world keeps trying to keep him down from achieving his full potential. Maybe you can relate and this fits perfect for you. This would be a great selection for a Facebook status update.
  3. Jack Johnson "Sleep through the static." This song has such a political standpoint to it. If you feel just up in arms about the war; maybe you have a loved one fighting in it or maybe you are a veteran yourself, this song's lyrics may be for you. This song says in one of the verses,  "Freedom can be freezing, take a picture from the pretty side, mind your manners wave your banners, what a wonderful world that this angle can see." How true and powerful those are. They can touch many through a Facebook status.
  4. Jay Z "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)." This song is for the status of those who are fed up with the music industry these days and the terrible artists that are being mistaken for being talented all because of auto-tune. In the first verse Jay Z says, "I know we facing a recession, but the music ya'll making going make it the great depression." 
  5. Coldplay "Yellow." The lyrics say, "I drew a line, I drew a line for you, what a thing to do, it was all yellow." This is saying in a way how he gave her an ultimatum in a way and that he shouldn't have even done that much and it was all for nothing and a waste of time. Great status for Facebook if there is that one in your life that continually takes you for granted.
  6. Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars." The chorus in this song says, "If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" What a great status for your Facebook. This one will have everyone writing comments. Who knows you may just have that one response from a certain girl who is trying to reveal a secret crush in a way. You never know. 
  7. One Republic "Apologize." One of the verses in this song says, "I need you like a heart needs a beat, but its nothing new, I loved you with a fire red, but now its turnin blue." This is a status on Facebook for one that has been wronged by a significant other and just wants to put their broken heart out there for all to see.
  8. Drake "Forever." The lyrics in this selection are those that you would put to say "Look at me now." In this song Drake says, "Everybody who doubted me is asking for forgiveness, if you aint been a part of it, at least you got to witness." 
  9. Kanye West "Jesus Walks." The hook says, "God show me the way, because the Devil trying to break me down." Enough said.
  10. Lil Wayne "Gossip." In this song, Lil Wayne says, "Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean." Can't get much better than that. That is an in your face status for Facebook if I have ever seen one.


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