10 Best Songs Of 1990

This compilation of the 10 best songs of 1990 covers pop, rock, rap and country. The year 1990 began a new decade for music, and these songs were the gateway to the ever-changing tastes and styles of music to come. It is time to take a trip down memory lane and look back on some of the best songs from 1990.
  1. "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinead O'Connor. This is a song that took the world by storm and by surprise in 1990. No one can forget the bald beauty belting out this love song written by Prince. Her soulful voice matched the heartfelt lyrics about losing a loved one.
  2. "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. This 1990 release quickly became a mantra for every bar-dwelling regular Joe with a passion for longnecks and shooting pool. It remains one of the best known Garth songs today.
  3. "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi. The theme song from the movie "Young Guns II" topped the charts with some amazing guitar music and powerful lyrics. This is the kind of song that brings out the cowboy in anyone who listens to it.
  4. "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground. This 1990 hip hop song remains a legend today. It is the perfect combination of clever lyrics that require you to sing along and music that requires you to dance.
  5. "Epic" by Faith No More. This song was different from other music released in 1990. It was loud and harsh, yet very appealing. It came along at a time when people needed some relief from the pop music and big hair ballads.
  6. "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" by Motley Crue. This song is one of the best songs of 1990 and every other year after that. The almost touching lyrics gave breaking up a lighter side. What better way to break up than to tell the other person to go away?
  7. "Dumas Walker" by The Kentucky Headhunters. This 1990 country release came from a band that that broke the mold for country music. They were long-haired and hillbilly-esque, and not what anyone expected. But this is a great song with some terrific music and belongs on this best songs of 1990 list.
  8. "Cherry Pie" by Warrant. The first thing that comes to mind with this rock song is that gorgeous blonde with the cherry red lips. The lyrics were simple, the music was good and the video completed the package. It is amazing what blonde hair, big breasts and short shorts will do for a song.
  9. "Unskinny Bop" by Poison. This 1990 song made the list because it is so unique. No one knows what an unskinny bop is or what it means. This song was exactly what the band needed to break away from their big hair and make-up reputation and establish themselves as serious rockers.
  10. "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. No list of the 10 best songs of 1990 would be complete without this song. This white rapper gave hope to millions of untalented youths that they, too, could become a superstar. Although this song and artist may now be the butt of jokes around the world, no one can deny the popularity of the catchy tune and lyrics.

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