10 Best Songs About Age

Considering 10 songs about age is almost as bad as thinking about the 10 songs about death, and everybody ages. Some of us might prefer not to think about age, though; consider The Rolling Stones. Apparently, nobody has mentioned this to these aging rockstars. The Rolling Stones might not sing much about aging, but they're aging nevertheless. They've said in the past that their idols are Chicago blues musicians, who played music until they died and they therefore, they plan on doing the same thing.  But whether you decide to or not, age and aging is an ever-present part of life, and some of our favorite musicians have decided to take on the subject as noted in these outstanding songs.

  1. "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger. This depressing little ditty, from the rough-voiced, Detroit rock-soul singer, is a reminder that nobody beats aging. Nobody.  Get used to it. Seger, in fact, sounded like a gruff old man, even when he first started. it seems he's been going against the wind the whole time.
  2. "End of the Line" by The Traveling Wilburys. These four superstars know what it means to age gracefully. Nobody knows where that "end of the line" is, and by "end of the line" they're likely talking about death, but everyone knows death is certain. To see aging in terms of death is one way to consider age, and it will do one well to remember that when reaching "the end of the line", it's really all about finishing well.  
  3. "My Generation" by the Who.  The most memorable line from this song is, "I hope I die before I get old." They probably didn't really mean that, but it made for unforgettable rock & roll, nonetheless, and also makes this one of the most memorable songs about age.
  4. "Stones in the Road" by Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Mary is such a thoughtful woman. She is sometimes associated with the country genre, but is also identified as a folk lady. She'd never sing, "I hope I die before I get old." because her music is thinking person's aging music. These "Stones in the Road" Mary sings of represent the passage of time in this song about age..
  5. "Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young to Die" by Jethro Tull. This song's lyric beg the question: What do you do when you're too old to rock & roll, but too young to die? This is a messy middle ground for musicians which Tull addresses in this song about age.
  6. "When I'm Sixty-Four" by the Beatles. The Beatles sang about still being loved, even at 64, but they were young when they wrote this. When you are young, old age might seem like a death sentence.  Some of The Beatles have made it to 64, it would be interesting to see how life at 64 compares to what they thought being 64 would be like in this song about age.
  7.  "Touch of Grey" by The Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia, the leader of The Grateful Dead, sang on this song about how that "touch of grey" actually symbolized wisdom and experience. He knew this, and also wanted to share it with listeners.
  8. "Young at Heart" by Jimmy Durante. With this song, Durante sings of how youth is inside you. You'll always be young if you're young at heart. It's not the wrinkles on your skin that count. Instead, it's your attitude.
  9. "September Song" by Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson sings about how the years fly by on this song. "Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few."
  10. "30 Something" by Jay-Z.  In this track, Jay-Z speaks to his own aging by saying, "30's the new 20 n***a/I'm so hot still."  Whatever makes you feel better!
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