10 Best Songs About Angels

If music is the work of the devil, then these 10 best songs about angels will help sooth any fundamentalist's concerns. Turn on these songs and earn your musical wings.

  1. “Angel of the Morning” It had been recorded numerous times before, but country singer Juice Newton’s 1981 version of this song was a huge hit thanks to her angelic voice. “Just touch my cheek before you leave me,” sings Newton to the devil leaving her.
  2. “Angel” (Aerosmith). Aerosmith might have been looked upon as devils in the 1970s, with their sleaze-rock sound, but this song, co-written with mega-pop songwriter Desmond Child and part of a long line of more pop-oriented singles, helped establish them as a mainstream juggernaut.
  3. “Devil in Disguise” The girl in this Elvis Presley song looks, talks and walks like an angel, but like most is hiding something below that innocent veneer. Good thing Elvis noticed or he’d be crying in the Heartbreak Hotel.
  4. “Angel” (Madonna). Unlike the King of Rock & Roll’s love, the Queen of Pop’s is an “angel in disguise.” This sweet song about angels appears on the same album as “Material Girl.” Maybe Madonna is the devil in disguise.
  5. “Send Me an Angel” Real Life may be a forgotten band, but they wrote one of the best songs about angels with “Send Me an Angel.” David Sterry pleads for someone (God? A friend?) to send him an angel “right now.” For some odd reason, this song appears in the Nintendo-themed Fred Savage movie “The Wizard.”
  6. “Earth Angel” 1950s doo-wop songs have a dreamy, heaven-like quality to them, and the Penguins’ 1954 hit “Earth Angel” embodies this notion. It provided the perfect background music for George McFly and Lorraine Baines to kiss in “Back to the Future” and save Marty’s existence!
  7. “She Talks to Angels” “She’ll tell you she’s an orphan after you meet her family,” sings Chris Robinson about a lovely girl in the Black Crowes’ “She Talks to Angels.” This acoustic ballad, coming from a hard-rock band, is one of the best songs about angels.
  8. “How Do You Talk to an Angel?” Jamie Walters wants to know how to talk to angels in this 1992 offering. Perhaps he should have a talk with the girl in “She Talks to Angels.” He got his wish in 1994, when he was cast in “Beverly Hills: 90210” and got to act alongside a cast of gorgeous angels.
  9. “Angel Eyes” Despite being blind at birth, Jeff Healey and the Jeff Healey Band take this John Hiatt-penned tune to the heavens. “What did I do? What did I say to turn your angel eyes my way,” sings Jeff Healey in one of the best songs written about angels.
  10. “Johnny Angel” What teenage girl doesn’t want an angel for a boyfriend?  Shelley Fabares spoke for all the girls in the 1950s with this dreamy hit single. Too bad he doesn’t even know she exists.
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