10 Best Songs About Bad Relationships

The 10 best songs about bad relationships tell stories of obsession, violence and even take a humorous approach to doing away with your significant other. Sometimes the most beautiful sounding songs are actually songs about bad or twisted relationships. The next time you hear a beautiful song with a seemingly harmless title, you may want to listen closely to the lyrics. It could very well be one of the best songs about bad relationships ever written.

  1. The Police – "Every Breath You Take". The Police hit song "Every Breath You Take" has been featured in romance movies and has been the feature song at many high school proms. The problem is that the song is about someone so obsessed with his relationship that he threatens to follow his significant other wherever she goes and watch whatever she does.
  2. Garth Brooks – "The Thunder Rolls". This country classic by the legendary Garth Brooks is about a man who cheats on his wife, and then beats her when she finds out. A lovely song with a horrible premise.
  3. Pat Benatar – "I'm Gonna Follow You". If you have ever read, or listened to, the lyrics in this Pat Benatar song then you know that there are several different ways to interpret it and it is definitely worthy of a spot on the list of best songs about bad relationships. The song tells of an obsessed individual that threatens to follow someone all over town, but the reasoning is a little unclear.
  4. Aerosmith – "Janie's Got a Gun". This song works on many levels as the one of the best songs about bad relationships of all time. It is a song about a father that abuses his daughter to the point where the daughter shoots the father at the end of the song.
  5. U2 – "With or Without You".   A lover's lament by one of the most popular bands in the history of rock music. Bono lets his love know that he will live on with or without her.
  6. Allman Brothers – "Ramblin' Man". A song written by traveling musicians for traveling musicians. The Allman Brothers come in on the list of best songs about bad relationships when they inform their ladies that they are hitting the road whether the ladies like it or not.
  7. The Rolling Stones – "Can't Get No Satisfaction". Mick Jagger's search for love in all of the wrong places makes up the story line for this entry into the list of best songs about bad relationships. Mick's journey brings him into contact with just about every undesirable kind of female available until he just gives up and exclaims that he can't get no satisfaction.
  8. Kelly Clarkson – "Already Gone". A song that deals with a relationship that was doomed from the start deserves to be on the list of best songs about bad relationships. Kelly Clarkson sings about a relationship that got off on the wrong foot, and was never able to get right.
  9. Boz Scaggs – "Look What You've Done to Me". In this hit from the "Urban Cowboy" soundtrack, soulful singer Boz Scaggs talks about a rebound relationship that he wished he had never gotten involved with.
  10. Dire Straits – "So Far Away From Me". This is another song about the difficulties of being a musician on the road and trying to have a steady relationship. Mark Knopfler sings about facing the stress of being on the road alone while his lady is thousands of miles away.
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