10 Best Songs About Baseball

Americans love baseball and we love our 10 Best Songs about Baseball. We love to play, watch and sing about the National pastime. At the end of each winter we watch spring training and can’t wait for the opening day of our favorite Major League Baseball team. Throughout the season we track team standings and in July all eyes are focused on the All-Star Game. In the fall, the “Boys of October” thrill us with the World Series. Here are the 10 Best Songs about Baseball.

  1. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – This is the premier baseball song originally written by Jack Norworth in 1908. Although Norworth would later update the lyrics the song defines the love of being at the ball park. As the tune goes the baseball fan is rooting for the home team and does not care if he ever leaves the ballpark.
  2. "Say Hey” – “Say Hey” is San Francisco Giants great Willie May’s signature saying. The Treniers recorded the song “Say Hey” and the tune is a wonderful tribute to a great centerfielder. The song is upbeat with a nice swing style and speaks of Willie Mays’s wonderful fielding and hitting abilities.
  3. “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio” – This song is a wonderful tribute to the Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio. Les Brown and other artists have played the music for this tune honoring Joltin’ Joe’s 1941, 56 game hitting streak. The song starts by saying everyone wants DiMaggio on their side and ends mentioning the hitting streak came to a finish in a game against Cleveland. 
  4. “Right Field” – This lovely tune by Peter, Paul and Mary is about little league right fielders. As the song goes there is not much to do in right field as little leaguers generally don’t have left handed pull hitters. It hints that perhaps the least capable players are given the right field position. 
  5. “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?” – This lively tribute to Brooklyn Dodger great Jackie Robinson was written by Buddy Johnson and Count Baise. The tune relates how Robinson was the best of his era and was not only a good batter but a top notch base stealer.
  6. “Subway” – This is a delightful tune about a fellow who is going to get on the train to go a subway series in New York. As the song says he will not trade his game ticket for anything. The song brings back memories of the days when New York did have subway series.
  7. “Glory Days” – This Bruce Springsteen hit has the Boss singing about baseball in his high school days. In the tune he bumps into a buddy who was a great ball player years earlier. His friend tells him how “glory days will pass you by”. The song has more to do with reminiscing about younger days than it does with baseball.
  8. “Cheap Seats” – This is a great song by Alabama. The tune is about a minor league local baseball team and the lyrics are funny. The song sings of fans at the ballpark for the love of the game and you clearly get the sense it is not Major League Baseball.  In the tune, the fans don’t know the names of the ballplayers. There is a line in the song where they sing about doing the wave by themselves.
  9. “Catfish” – This is a Bob Dylan tribute to Yankee pitcher Catfish Hunter. Dylan sings of Catfish’s pitching abilities and the song states, “Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can”. The tune tells the story of how this pitching great was underpaid by the Oakland Athletics and that Hunter went on to play for the New York Yankees.
  10. “Centerfield”-This John Fogarty song is a tribute to the game of baseball. Fogarty sings of being “born again” when the sun comes out and playerc can play ball. The singer asks the coach to put him in the game.  Fogarty sings about how great it is to hit a ball and touch all the bases; the song is a home run.
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