10 Best Songs About Belonging

Songs about belonging are always necessary to help listeners with feelings of security, which is why the 10 best songs about belonging are worth considering. Belonging means different things to different people, which helps explain the variety of subjects covered by these 10 songs.

  1. "A Place in this World" — Taylor Swift — Not all songs about belonging have happy endings. In some cases, as with this Taylor Swift song, belonging is a quest. It's a life goal, if you will. Most people likely look at Swift as someone who's arrived. But who else has ever really walked in her shoes?
  2. "Belong" — Chris Rice This spiritual song speaks about how ultimate belonging is only accomplished when a man or woman walks with Jesus. Spiritual comradery is something that can ease just about anyone's longing to belong. 
  3. "Everyday People" — Sly and The Family Stone — During the '60s, there were a lot of protests featuring various ethnic, and other types of groups. But at the end of the day, we're still all humans. We're, as Sly Stone expressed it, everyday people. We all belong to the human race.
  4. "You Belong With Me" — Taylor Swift — Lovers like to claim ownership. In this hit song, Taylor Swift lays claim on the one she loves. And he better not try and get out of her grip or he'll have another kind of song — a much more negative one — written about him.
  5. "Somewhere I Belong" — Linkin Park — This is a hard rock song about searching for the place where one belongs. It's more of a demand than a request. But no matter how you may express it, everybody has the desire to belong.
  6. "Beautiful" — Christina Aguilera — Just as all of us are everyday people, we're also beautiful in our own unique ways. Of course, we're probably not all as physically beautiful as Christina Aguilera. But beauty is, after all, only skin deep.
  7. "Place in this World" — Michael W. Smith — This was Michael W. Smith's big, crossover pop hit. It was as much about commercial success as it was spiritual, one supposes. It may also have been artistic in nature.
  8. "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" — Ella Fitzgerald — There is nothing that compares to a daughter belonging to her father. This one may also be about a girl and her sugar daddy, as well. There are many different sorts of dads.
  9. "You're My Best Friend" Queen — Finding a friend that is your best friend is a belonging all humans long for. It can also be a husband/wife or lover. Hopefully, one's mate is also their best friend.
  10. "Home Where I Belong" — B.J. Thomas — B.J. Thomas was a contemporary Christian artist for a New York minute. This nice song is about going to heaven, where is where he truly believed he belonged.
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