10 Best Songs About Cars

The prevalance of cars in modern society has made them the subject of countless songs in pop history, making it difficult to narrow down the 10 best songs about cars. These ten gems stand out either for their funny lyrics or their ability to emulate the thrill of riding along in an automobile.

  1. "Little Red Corvette." Most of the time, musicians use cars to make "thinly"-veiled references to sex; not Prince. He doesn't beat around the bush. The "car" in this sparse and epic song,  had "a pocket full of horses / Trojan and some of them used." It's doubtful today's more conservative Purple One would sing about used condoms, but the line helps make it one of the best songs about cars ever.
  2. "Little Deuce Coupe." The Beach Boys really did like to "get around." If it wasn't a surfboard, the California boys were travelling around via car in this breezy song and the T-bird in "Fun Fun Fun." It's innocent enough, 'til you get to the part where "she's stroked and bored." Maybe "she" should let Prince drive her around?
  3. "Pink Cadillac." The Boss, who sang a great deal about roads ("Thunder Road") and cars ("Stolen Car") followed the tradition of vehicular sexual metaphor in his "Pink Cadillac." Elvis Presley, a big influence on Springsteen, actually owned a pink Cadillac. Coincidence?
  4. "Brand New Cadillac." On an album filled to the brim with grim political and social commentary, "London Calling," the Clash let loose with this cover of Vince Taylor's 1958 hit. Its menacing riff fits in nicely with the album's theme and helps kick off side one nicely.
  5. "Cars." It doesn't have a chorus and the melody merely follows the synthesizer line, but this song is still memorable and one of the best songs about cars. Gary Numan's robotic vocal stylings fit perfectly. He helped usher rock and roll's classic car imagery into the New Wave.
  6. "Drive." Here's another New Wave car song, but unlike Numan's, this dreamy tune by The Cars actually has some real emotion. With Benjamin Orr on lead vocal singing "Who's gonna drive you home tonight?" teenage girls across America probably sang this daydreaming about Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez.
  7. "Greased Lightin'." When a car's not a euphemism for a woman, it's a way to get women. Before he talked to babies and danced with Uma Thurman in the 1990's, John Travolta belted out this ode to cars in the movie "Grease," singing "You know it ain't no shit, we'll be getting lots of tit in Greased Lightin'." And they still perform this at high schools?
  8. "Fun Fun Fun." Yes, here's that other Beach Boys cars song. It couldn't be ignored. Its verses whizz by at highway speed and its lyrics of teenage innocence, like "cruising by the hamburger stand," make this the perfect song to drive to and one of the best songs about cars.
  9. "Drive My Car." The Beatles were schooled in blues and early rock and roll. This song off their album "Rubber Soul" takes an old blue's euphemism and turns it into an R&B song about some fame-hungry girl. Best use of "beep-beep" in a song after Donna Summers' "Bad Girls."
  10. "Mercedes Benz." An acapella rock song? Janis Joplin wrote this classic rock hit as a negative commentary on materialism. The fact that the car company ironically used it in a commercial later on doesn't take away from the fact that this simple, but memorable song is one of the best songs about cars.
  11. "Rocket 88." This makes the list for having the dubious honor of not only being a pretty cool song about a car, but being, according to some rock historians, the first rock and roll song ever recorded. Its historical importance alone makes it one of the best songs about cars of all time.
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