10 Best Songs About A Cheating Wife

Here are the 10 best songs about a cheating wife. This list spans all genres of music; apparently, there are plenty of low down women who stray from their man. There are many reasons for their cheating ways; some just have an itch for something better; some just don't appreciate what they have. Here are the ten best music has to offer.

  1. "Strong Persuader" Robert Cray.  In this song, a woman has a man "who really loves her," but she decides to cheat with her next door neighbor. Unfortunately, he finds out and a fight ensues. Sadly according to Cray, "she was just another notch on my guitar." But it's too late, she has already cheated.
  2. "Ruby" Kenny Rogers. This low down lady actually cheats on her husband who has been paralyzed after being in the war. He hears her heading out the door and can't do anything to stop her. 
  3. "Your Cheating Heart" by Hank Williams. Leave it to a classic country tune to capture the plight of a man who has a cheating wife. Even though this song is older, its theme is timeless.
  4. "Lying Eyes" by The Eagles. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. This cheating woman is "heading for the cheating side of town." Obviously, she has other things besides fidelity on her mind, or her marriage for that matter.
  5. "She's an Easy Lover" by Phil Collins. This woman cannot be trusted; she gets a hold on her man, and then cheats at will. She might be "an easy lover," but cheating on your spouse is never an easy thing to get over.
  6. "Tempted" by Squeeze. We usually assume then when a wife cheats on her husband that she is cheating with another man. But in this song, this wife was tempted and cheated with another woman, Ouch!
  7. "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. It's bad enough when your wife cheats, and you find out about it. It is even worse when your wife cheats on you and you find out about it from other people.
  8. "Cecillia" by Simon and Garfunkel. This guy gets out of bed, and when he returns, "someone's taken my place." That hurts. This cheating wife is "breaking [his] confidence daily."
  9. "Smoking Gun" by Robert Cray. "I put 2 and 1 together and you know that's not an easy sum/and I know just where to find you with a still hot and smokin gun." He knows his wife is cheating, and that is not always easy to admit.
  10. "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers.  This cheating wife even took off her wedding ring. Her husband confronts her when she is with another man. She has "four hungry kids to feed." This, by far, is one of the saddest of the cheating wives songs.
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