10 Best Songs About Chicago

When thinking about the ten best songs about Chicago, a multitude of artists come to mind. There are literally hundreds of songs about Chicago in existence from a myriad of musical genres. So, how does one choose the ten best songs about Chicago? This is no easy task. And some people won't agree with this particular list, especially Chicagoans. It's a must that the ten best songs about Chicago need to express exactly what Chicago is to that particular artist. Here they are, the ten best songs about Chicago. Here goes nothing.

  1. "In the Ghetto." Though this song was originally written by Mac Davis in 1969, Elvis made it popular. It's about the cycle of the poor folks in the ghettos of Chicago. It talks about a young man that grows into a life of crime and is inevitably destroyed by that life. Another child is born in that same life only to eventually follow the same destructive path.
  2. "Sweet Home Chicago." This particular jam was made famous by the Blues Brothers. It was originally written by Bob Johnson. It's probably associated with Chicago more than any other song. If you haven't heard this song, you've probably been living in a cave most of your life.
  3. "The Super Bowl Shuffle." Yes, this annoying little jingle is easily one of the best songs associated with Chicago. Chicago is a huge sports town. Football is one of the major sports of the city, despite the fact that the Bears spent the majority of their existence in mediocrity. So, the one year the Bears win the Superbowl, you know they'd make a song about it. Yeah, that year was 1985.
  4. "The Corners." Chicago's best rap artist, Common, has written a multitude of songs about his home town this being the best of them. "The Corners" describes the life of a Southside Chicago dweller. The crime, the drugs and more importantly, the hope that surrounds people from the harder neighborhoods in Chicago are described in great poetic detail.
  5. "Prairie Song." Billie Corrigan of "Smashing Pumpkins" fame wrote this rock ballad about his home town. No need to say anymore. The "Smashing Pumpkins" rock and so does this jam.
  6. "Here Comes The Hawks." Yes, sir. This is the theme song for the 2010 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks. Enough said. They're probably still playing this song in the streets of Chicago as you read this.
  7. "Stay Chi." One of the best "freestyle" rappers ever to touch a microphone, Juice, created this bad-ass track. It's said that this dude never writes a lyric down. Listen to this track and you'll understand why a feat like that is so remarkable.
  8. "Home." Arguably one of the most controversial, arrogant rap artists in the game wrote one of the best songs about Chicago ever. Kanye West created this gem. He describes Chicago as a beautiful, yet tough as nails woman that he can't wait to see again. It's definitely worth a listen or two.
  9. "Hitch Hike." Yeah, this jam was written by none other than The Rolling Stones. When the Stones make a song for you, not only should you feel honored, you should expect it to be a jam. Chicago is just that much cooler for having a song created by the Rolling Stones.
  10. "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." Written by Jim Croce, it talks about this menacing figure of a man. He's got a bad attitude, a huge size and a take no crap demeanor. He's a real tough guy. Until, of course, he messes with the wrong guys wife… classic jam.
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