10 Best Songs About Coming Home

Longing for home is one of the fundamental human emotions and the 10 best songs about coming home will highlight that emotion. It isn't just home itself that appeals to us, but also the poignant feeling of loss and hope that we love. Songs that speak of this feeling are very popular. Thousands have been written.

  1. "Gee Ma I Want to Go Home" Many will remember an Army cadence song about going home. It has enough verses to keep soldiers chanting for hours on a long march. Here is just one, "They say in the Army the biscuits are so fine; But one rolled off a table and killed a friend of mine. Gee Ma, I wanna go. Gee Ma, I wanna go, Gee Ma I wanna go home."
  2. "Dixie" Many going-home songs are patriotic. The singer longs not just for his home but for his entire homeland. They are often bright, happy songs meant to show that even though though he isn't home yet, just thinking of his homeland makes the singer happy. Here is one of the best know patriotic home coming songs. "Now hoe it down and scratch my gravel. To Dixieland I'm bound to travel. Look away, Look away, Look away, Dixieland."
  3. "Back Home Again in Indiana" Another well known longing-for-homeland song is about a single state. Once again, even though he isn't home yet, the singer is deliriously happy, just thinking about it. "When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash. Then I long for my Indiana home."
  4. "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey" Some home-coming songs are comical. The twist on this one is that the main character here isn't longing for home but rather for someone else to come home. Although the lyrics speak of abject misery, the song is bright and peppy and usually sung with a triumphant air. "Won't you come home, Bill Bailey, won't you come home. I've moaned the whole night long."
  5. "I'll be Home For Christmas" The ultimate Christmas home-coming song was written to express the feelings of lonely G.I.'s on battle grounds around the world during World War II. "Christmas Eve will find me. Where the love light gleams. I'll be home for Christmas. If only in my dreams."
  6. "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" Many religious songs refer to heaven as home and speak of a longing to go there. Here is an old Dixieland funeral song. "I looked over Jordon and What did I see? Comin' for to carry me home. A band of Angels comin' after me. Coming for to carry me home."
  7. "Green Grass Of Home" Some songs that talk about going home upon death refer to returning the body to the home place. This song although somewhat macabre, still has a haunting, beautiful tune and lyric. "Yes, they'll all come to see me. In the shade of the old oak tree. As they lay me 'neath the green, green grass of home."
  8. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" What is there about Oak trees and homecoming. In this song the singer is nervous about the reception he'll get upon returning home after a long absence. "I'm comin' home I've done my time. Now I've got to know what is and isn't mine. If you received my letter tellin' you I'd soon be free. Then you'll know just what to do if you still want me. If you still want me."
  9. "Two of Us" It's not a real top ten list of songs without including something by the Beatles. Their long career produced so many hits on a myriad of different subjects. Of course they had a song about going home. "Two of us Sunday driving. Not arriving. On our way back home. We’re on our way home. We’re going home."
  10. "Mama I'm coming Home" A song by the unforgettable Ozzy Ozborne. This song has long awakened sentimental feelings in thousands of fans and it still sends a chill down the spine of many listeners. "Times have changed and times are strange. Here I come, but I ain't the same. Mama, I'm coming home."
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