10 Best Songs About Dreams

For thousands of years, wise men have tried to understand the mysteries of dreams, and the 10 best songs about dreams continue the fascination that society has with dreams. There have been numerous song over the years that talk about dreams, both good and bad but these are the best.

  1. "Day Dream Believer," Monkees. America's attempt at making a fake version of "The Beatles" did not have the lasting success that the original group from Liverpool had, but they did make some great songs. "Day Dream Believer" is a popular sing-a-long classic that everyone can relate because at one point in time we have all wanted to believe in the impossible.
  2. "Keeping The Dream Alive" Freheit. The German band Freheit didn't have a very long long career on the international stage, but they did create this fairtytale like song about dreams. The nation of Germany is not known for producing great pop music but this is undoubtedly one of the best songs about dreams. 
  3. "Dream on," Aerosmith. Long before wrinkles and Liv Tyler came along, Aerosmith were wowing the world with this epic number. 
  4. "Enter Sandman," Metallica. Some people know how to take an old wives tale about a benevolent character and turn it into something decidedly scary. Metallica is a group of guys who did just that with the frightening song "Enter Sandman." Not one to play the kids before bed time.
  5. "California Dreaming" Mamas and Papas. One of the best songs about dreams was released by a group who personified innocence: The Mamas and Papas. This song doesn't seem quite as appealing now that lurid stories of behind the scenes incest have tarnished the group, but it remains a classic.
  6. "Dream Lover," Bobby Darin. The best dreams are the ones about a person you love, and Bobby Darin was astute enough to cash in on that notion with this popular oldie. It is funny how songs about lovers sounded so cheerful and sweet back in the day but even if times have changed, this song still has some shelf life left in it.
  7. "American Dream,"Alan Boubil. The musical "Miss Saigon" told a tale or war, prostitution, heartache and pain, but it also produced a great song about dreams. "American Dream" is one of the best dream songs because it takes a look at the 1970's through a cynical pair of eyes and does it with style.
  8. "Dream," John Lennon. John Lennon produced his own classic song about dreams. Lennon's haunting voice makes all of his songs unforgettable and this is no exception.
  9. "All I Have To Do Is Dream," Everly Brother's. Back in the era before color TV, the Everly brothers were charming girls everywhere with this memorable little ditty about dreams. Their hairstyles and outfits did not survive the test of time, but this remains one of the all time dream songs.
  10. "Dream," Bob Dylan. People usually sound a bit out of it and weary when they are falling asleep, so it's probably appropriate that the weary sounding Bob Dylan produced one of the best songs about dreaming. Forget the lyrics, because his voice doesn't exactly inspire much confidence for those hoping that dreams come true but it is a great song.
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