10 Best Songs About Drinking

Not all of these 10 best songs about drinking are party songs.  Some are soulful, some are defiant and some are regretful, but they’re all suitable accompaniments to time spent nursing the bottle.

  1. “Brass Monkey” Beastie Boys.  We could take or leave the drink that this song is named after, but the song itself is essential drinking music.  If you’re in a club having a good time, it’s hard not to break a smile when the DJ puts this classic on.
  2. “Gin And Juice” Snoop Dogg.  Snoop Dogg knows how to chill, and when you listen to him rapping about rolling down the street, smoking indo and sipping on gin and juice, you may very well feel like maybe that’s something you’d like to do, too.  Don’t do drugs, though, kids, and don’t have open containers in your car.  That will get you arrested real quick.
  3. “Streams Of Whiskey” The Pogues.  Who is better qualified to sing about drinking than the Irish?  The Pogues aren’t all Irishmen, but their particular brand of “Celtic punk” has spawned many imitators and created some of the best drinking songs around.  “When the world is too dark and I need the light inside of me,” they sing in this song, “I’ll walk into a bar and drink fifteen pints of beer.”  That sounds like a reasonable solution.
  4. “How’s My Drinking?” Guided By Voices.  Robert Pollard is a guy who likes to drink.  He is on record saying that he needs to drink to perform on stage.  The lyrics in this song are brief but make it clear he’s not about to change his habits.
  5. “Too Drunk To F—k” Dead Kennedys.  There’s a famous line in Shakespeare’s Macbeth about how alcohol “provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.”  That’s the subject of this song, too, although the Dead Kennedys were a little less subtle in their diction.
  6. “Warm Beer And Cold Women” Tom Waits.  Waits’ raspy voice sounds like it has been influenced by years of boozing and smoking, so who better to write songs about drinking?  Just about any of his songs would be perfect for sitting at a bar by yourself on a lonely night and commiserating with yourself, but this one is especially fitting.
  7. “Red Red Wine” Neil Diamond.  If you’re under 40 you’re probably more familiar with the iconic UB40 cover version of this song, but Neil Diamond performed the original.  A health tip:  red, red wine will not only make you feel so fine, it has also been shown to reduce harmful arterial plaque.  Drink up!
  8. “Drink!” They Might Be Giants.  “What word rhymes with buried alive?” ask They Might Be Giants.  We left our rhyming dictionary at home, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying this song.
  9. “The Last Shot” Lou Reed.  “When you quit, you quit, but you always wish you knew it was your last shot.”  This song by veteran rocker Lou Reed paints an ugly picture of addiction to alcohol and drugs, with imagery of broken mirrors, chipped teeth, and a trail of blood. This is not a party song, but not every song about drinking should be.
  10. “Margaritaville” Jimmy Buffett.  The favorite drinking song of middle-aged white people, this song has even spawned a restaurant chain bearing the same name.  If you’re on a singles cruise you will probably encounter one or the other.
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