10 Best Songs About Falling In Love

Here are the 10 best songs about falling in love. Since the dawn of time, people have used the medium of song to tell tales of falling head over heels in love. Over the years there have been many great love songs but the following are the best songs about falling in love.

  1. "When I Fall in Love" Nat King Cole. Anyone can say they are in love but few can sing it with the same conviction as Nat King Cole. Almost half a century after his death, his version of the classic song remains one of the best songs about falling in love. 
  2. "Can't Help Falling In Love" Elvis Presley. Only the best qualify for the ten best songs about falling in love and few are better than the King. The dulcet tones of Elvis still send chills down the backs of lonely women everywhere
  3. "I Got You Babe" Sony and Cher. Long before she discovered auto-tune or cosmetic surgery, Cher was happily in love with the oddly named Sony Bono and their love will forever be remembered thanks to this classic song about falling in love.
  4. "Living Next Door to Alice" New World. Not your conventional love song, but nevertheless the tale of a loser who leered at his neighbor for 24 years is one of the ten best songs about falling in love.
  5. "Waiting For A Girl Like You" Foreigner. You know you are crazy in love when you start singing in a comically high pitched voice and so there can be no doubting the sincerity of Lou Gramm when performing this song about falling in love.
  6. "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston. The beautiful young Whitney sung this passionate power ballad about her movie characters love for a bodyguard. Put the glass-ware away when she hits the high notes in this falling in love favorite.
  7. "Something's Gotta Hold of My Heart" Gene Pitney. This 1967 song about falling in love has been covered many times and the version featuring Marc Almond of "Soft cell" came the closest to matching the original, but Gene's solo performance cannot be beaten.
  8. "Always" Bon Jovi. There are no better love songs than love ballads and there is no better male power ballad singer than Jon Bon Jovi. He proved it with this moving masterpiece about falling in love.
  9. "Fallin" Alicia Keys. Any song that pushed the sexy Alicia keys into the spotlight deserves some recognition, but this modern classic was a star in it's own right and easily qualifies as one of the ten best songs about falling in love.
  10. "Eternal Flames" Bangles. When the first few notes are heard at the beginning of this song, everyone instantly recognizes it as one of the ten best songs about falling in love.
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