10 Best Songs About Family

If you have plans in the works for a family reunion or holiday get together, then you’ll appreciate these picks for 10 best songs about family. Celebrate everything that family means, from special bonds to the kind of crazy-making stress only family can bring. Start your family’s memorable events with a CD full of songs that celebrate everything it means to be related, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  1. "Family Affair" (Sly & the Family Stone, 1971) A classic for family reunions and songs about family, this early 70’s hit has been claimed by some to be about Sly’s own family life. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sly denied such claims.
  2. "Family Reunion" (The O’jays, 1975) What family get together would be complete without this little tune from the O’jays? It’s also a favorite for songs about families, used in CDs, movies, and family reunion soundtracks.
  3. "Family Tradition" (Hank Williams Jr., 1978) Not all families are perfect, so naturally not all songs about family are rosy. In this song, Hank digs at his father’s bad habits to provide reason for his wild side.
  4. "We are Family" (Sister Sledge, 1979) While not written by the sisters, this song is also a favorite among songs about family. Few reunions and family events forego this family song favorite.
  5. "Our House" (Madness, 1982) Some of the best songs about family are those that take a tongue-in-cheek view of family life. It was the only top 10 hit in the US for Madness, peaking at #7.
  6. "My Hometown" (Bruce Springsteen, 1984) While not exactly a song about family, it does extol the feeling of history passed down from father to son. Where we grow up is an important part of family memories, and this song highlights how that place can change over time.
  7. "Grandpa, Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days" (The Judds, 1985) Family history and storytelling is an important part of family life. Many songs about families talk about the simplicity of earlier times, just as this one does.
  8. "Keep It Together" (Madonna, 1990) Originally intended to be the A side to the hit single Vogue, this song focuses on the vicissitudes of family life. Even when family life isn’t perfect, family is still family.
  9. "Family" (Dolly Parton, 1991) When it comes to songs about family, few genres do it quite like country music. Dolly tells it like it is in this one, how you love family because you have no choice not to, they’re family, after all. They bring out the best and worst in us, no matter from where you hail.
  10. "Ode to My Family" (The Cranberries, 1994) Family is a source of history and tradition, and a huge part of our identities. Unfortunately, modern life and family traditions aren’t without conflict, as illustrated in this song reportedly about the conflict of the lyricist’s dreams of a rock and roll career clashing with traditional Irish family values.
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