10 Best Songs About Flying

When you are looking for songs for your next airplane ride, you might consider checking out these 10 best songs about flying. The songs are unique and unusual, as they mostly veer away from traditional song topics and explore the experience of flying in some form.

  1. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver is one of the most timeless songs about flight. This definitely wasn't John Denver's only song about flying, which comes to no surprise since one of his passions was flying. In fact, he ultimately died while piloting a plane. This song was one of his early hits. It speaks of young love and flying away to start an exciting journey in life. Yet, it also touches on the trepidations and anxieties that can accompany youth and love.
  2. "Ride With Me," as performed by Nelly, is considered a driving song, but it's also a song about flying. He speaks on how success has changed him and how he now flies first class, seeing the likes of Vanna White. It's a really fun song for flying.
  3. "One Day I'll Fly Away" performed by Nicole Kidman is from the soundtrack for "Moulin Rouge." It speaks of hope and rising above difficult circumstances, and the idea of (metaphorically) flying away so you can achieve your dreams. It's a song that's really fun for flying and is also encouraging for those who may be nervous about a flight.
  4. "Fly Away" by Petula Clark is a great song from the soundtrack for "Never Never Land." It's a song of hope and flight. The vocals are astounding on the track, and it's a reminder of why Petula achieved such great success.
  5. "Silvery Rain" by Olivia Newton-John is a song about flight and the future. It paints a dark picture, speaking of how the airplane sprayed the fields with the silvery rain. Its lyrical analogy for pollution is easy to recognize. The lyrics include, "Fly away, Peter. Fly, away, Paul, before there's nothing left to fly at all."
  6. "Up Where We Belong," as performed by Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker, just may have defined soft rock for the 1980s. It is a classic song frequent flyers won't soon tire of hearing. This song is good for flights as it is lulling and comforting.
  7. "Fly" by Sugar Ray is especially uplifting and fast-paced. With its often-repeated lyric of "I just wanna fly", it may be a good song to put on when you are trying to convince yourself that you are in the mood for that early morning flight. It's a song that is fun and doesn't stray too much on the serious side.
  8. "We Can Fly Away" by Emma Townshend is a rarer song about flying. Emma is the daughter of the famous Pete Townshend. This song is heavy with symbolism and has powerful lyrics.
  9. "Break Away," as performed by Kelly Clarkson, is an empowering song about personal strength. It also has a strong flight theme. Some of the lyrics include, "I'll spread my wings, and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes, 'til I touch the sky."
  10. "Fly Away," as performed by John Denver and Olivia Newton-John, is hypnotic. Yes, both artists appear above on this list, but this song must be included as well. It's a song about flight, as well as forlorn feelings.
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