10 Best Songs About Forgiveness

Here are the 10 best songs about forgiveness. The reason why so many of these songs about forgiveness are by Christian artists is because forgiveness is such a big part of the Christian faith. And forgiveness is hard. Sure, it's easy to say the words, 'I forgive you.' But do you really mean it? Really? Well, these artists at least sing it like they mean it.

  1. "Take You Back" by Jeremy Camp – The ultimate forgiver is God himself. Camp describes a loving God that will take us back, no matter how far we stray. Now that's a forgiving God!
  2. "East To West" by Casting Crowns – The Bible tells us that when God forgives us, He casts our sins as far as the east is from the west. And only He knows just how far that is. This fine Casting Crowns' song helps put God's work into practical perspective.
  3. "Grace Like Rain" by Todd Agnew – With this song, Agnew incorporates the hymn "Amazing Grace" into a brand new context. But no matter how you say it, or sing it, grace is always amazing.
  4. "Happy Day" by Tim Hughes – This is an upbeat, propulsive celebration of the great day when a person comes to salvation. Indeed, it's a happy day. God has washed our sin away and changed us forever.
  5. "Between You and Me" by DC Talk – A song where someone realizes they need to confess a sin before the sun goes down. We all know how hard it is to sleep when we have something we need to get right with somebody.
  6. "Let it Go" by Newsboys – A big part of forgiveness is letting the offense of another go. You can't forgive somebody and hold that against them at the same time. Just let it go.
  7. "Forgive Me" by Jars of Clay – It's amazing that God forgives us. But the great news is we can do the same. Jars of Clay has a good handle on this concept with this song.
  8. "Go and Sin No More" by Rebecca St. James – This song title is made up of the words Jesus said to the woman at the well. This man Jesus, God in the flesh, forgave her and advised her to sin no more. There is no better forgiveness than the words that come from Christ Himself.
  9. "How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven)" by White Heart – The people in Jesus time were amazed when he told them they need to forgive one another seven times seventy times. That's a lot! Forgiveness is that important, however.
  10. "To Forgive" by Al Denson – What do you do when someone you once loved and trusted lets you down? Can you forgive them? This song suggests, as Jesus did, that it can be done.

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