10 Best Songs About A Girl

Many songs are about women, and the 10 best songs about a girl feature one specific woman who is instrumental in breaking hearts, making a dream come true or getting a guy through the day just by existing. These classic rock songs about women sometimes offer a specific girl and other times rely on the listener to provide a girl from their own life who has the same name. Regardless of the match, some tunes about a girl are just plain catchy and toes tap even if we don't know a girl with the title name. 

  1. "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. This 1981 tune rocked the airwaves for weeks for actor, songwriter and rock star Rick Springfield. Nothing worse than lusting after your best friend's girl and the song must have struck a chord with many a guy due to the popularity. 
  2. "Meet Virginia" by Train. This woman has some tough standards. She never compromises, loves babies and yearns after surprises. Who wouldn't be mesmerized by this woman? Women enjoyed this woman who didn't own a dress and went around with her hair in a mess. Train's tribute was released in 1998. 
  3. The Beatles tunes including "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Eleanor Rigby" and "Sexy Sadie." The Beatles were all about writing tunes about a girl, even an older girl in the case of "Eleanor Rigby." Beatle girls of song sometimes are notorious due to the popularity of the group and, occasionally, as in the case of "Hey, Jude," the apparent women in the title is not a woman at all, but instead is John Lennon's son. 
  4. "Amie" by the Pure Prairie League. The Amie in this Pure Prairie League song is so catchy that you forget the song is about a girl because you're humming along to the melody. This is another tune where the singer is so smitten with the girl that anything goes. He's willing to spend whatever time she'll give him.
  5. "Sweet Melissa" by the Allman Brothers. This instrumental tune features the amazing guitar work of the Allman Brothers Band. Dick Betts and the late Duane Allman who rock this tune on both electric and acoustic guitar. This 1971 release written by Gregg Allman is about a fictional Melissa. 
  6. "Fly Girl" by will.i.am. This tune, released on will.i.am's 2007 album titled "Songs About Girls", features one fine woman who the singer is focused on getting and keeping. Will.i.am promises to turn all other women comers down to stay true to his fly girl. 
  7. "Ophelia" by the Band. Ophelia is a classic girl with troubles and this song by the Band features a woman who has left town. The singer begs her to come home again and ends with "I'm still waiting for the second coming of Ophelia come back home."
  8. "Angie" by the Rolling Stones. The Stones also released a host of songs about girls and women, but this 1973 song is a classic for Stones lovers. The tune's title takes its name from Keith Richard's new daughter. 
  9. "Allison" by Elvis Costello. Featured on the Costello album "My Aim is True," this 1977 song about a specific girl remains a well-guarded secret and Costello has never released the identify of the woman. The tune on the album morphs into the next song "Watching the Detectives" which gives Allison an interesting back story. 
  10. "Hello, Mary Lou" by Gene Pitney and Cayet Mangiaracina. Rick Nelson sang this tune by Pitney and Mangiaracina to a top ten Billboard slot in 1961. The song was also the topic in Nelson's own hit decades later when he wrote he was tired of old Mary Lou requests at his concerts. 
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