10 Best Songs About Girlfriends

The 10 best songs about girlfriends are perfect to sing or play for your special lady to express love and devotion. The best songs about girlfriends express emotions in a subtle way that your girlfriend will appreciate and not find cheesy. If you are looking for lyrics to say to your girlfriend check out these 10 songs because they have the perfect lyrics to proclaim your feelings. 

  1. "Precious Love" by James Morrison. Released in 2008 Morrison wrote this song about his long-term girlfriend. It is one of the best songs about a girlfriend you want to marry some day. The song depicts already having that perfect girlfriend, and no other girl can compare.
  2. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. Released in 2001 on the album "Rockin' The Suburbs" this love song is still one of the best songs about a girlfriend. The lyrics are about his girlfriend and how she is perfect for him. The perfect song to have your girlfriend listen too if you think she is your soulmate.
  3. "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel. A perfect and sweet song about a girlfriend. It is one of the best songs to dedicate to a girlfriend you are head over heels for. This won Grammy's for Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year in 1978. It was a breakthrough hit for Joel, reaching #3 on Billboard chart.
  4. "Love Song" by The Cure. The lyrics were inspired by the constant touring Smith had to go through with The Cure. It is the best song about wanting your girlfriend to know how much you love her. The song was about Smith's girlfriend, and he wrote the song as a wedding present for her to express his love.
  5. "Smooth" by Santana. Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty sang lead, while Santana played guitar. The lyrics are about a guy willing to do anything for his girlfriend, even willing to change for her. This song about a girlfriend won three Grammy's in 2000. 
  6. "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's. This is the best song if you're in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend. The lyric-driven song shows exposed and vulnerable feelings of love in a simple way. One of the sweetest lyrics is, "Don't you worry about the distance, I'm right there if you get lonely, give this song another listen."
  7. "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. It is one of the best songs about girlfriends because of the touching lyrics about being more than just a girlfriend. The song was played during the opening credits of the movie "The Breakup" while a slide show of pictures are rolling of the then happy couple.
  8. "Somewhere In Between" by Lifehouse. One of the best songs about a girl you want to be your girlfriend. The lyrics perfectly express how much you want her to be your girlfriend, but are stuck in between the friendship and girlfriend stage. Lead singer Jason Wade poured all his feelings into the song, played it for a girl and then she became his girlfriend.
  9. "Got it Right This Time (The Celebration)" by Keith Urban. This song is about his marriage to  Nicole Kidman, but is the perfect song about a girlfriend. The lyrics "I think I got it right this time," is an amazing line to tell your  girlfriend how much she means to you in a subtle way. At the end of the song Urban ad-libbed the line "I mean, I know I do," to show the relationship would be forever.
  10. "Heart Shaped Glasses" by Marilyn Manson. The harder edge song about a girlfriend explains how Manson's been hurt in the past, but will let his girlfriend emotionally into his life. One of the best songs about a girlfriend because it relates to people that have been hurt in the past, but moving past trust issues for a new girl.
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