10 Best Songs About Going Home

Wondering, what are the 10 best songs about going home? Few forms of entertainment can capture the nostalgia and emotions of going home in the same manner as music. Going home has long been a popular theme of many genres of music but country and folk music lend themselves to the topic better than most genres. This best songs about going home list is by no means complete, but captures the most necessary songs to base your playlist around.

  1. "Down Home" by Alabama. This country track is like a Norman Rockwell painting in audio form with its vivid imagery that makes it one of the best songs about going home.
  2. "I'm Comin' Home" by Robert Earl Keen. One of the best folk-country songwriters from the Texas country music scene delivers a great tale of a man's journey back home that ranks among the best songs about going home ever crafted.
  3. "17" by Cross Canadian Ragweed. One of the best songs about going home deals with that feeling of nostalgia that overcomes you when you go home and remember that time of your life when you had just enough freedom to have fun but not enough responsibility to stress out. A time that everyone cherishes and looks back on fondly.
  4. "Will I Ever Make It Home?" by Ingram Hill. This alterna-rock band captures that feeling of longing for the familiar better than most artists can even imagine, creating one of the best songs about going home ever recorded.
  5. "Heartland" by George Strait. The King of Country music delivers a track that conveys a sense of pride in that place called home. The lyrical content of this song paints a vivid image of the welcoming and familiar.
  6. "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen. What list of the best songs about going home would be complete without the ubiquitous track from Jersey's finest? An artist that can romanticize New Jersey is truly talented.
  7. "Home" by Marc Broussard. This blue-infused track became a rally cry for those displaced from south Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Marc Broussard's soulful voice and guitar picking ability drive this track to the top of any list of the best songs about going home.
  8. "Where Corn Don't Grow" by Travis Tritt. The grass may look greener on the other side but once you are jaded by the life in that "sexy" and "glamorous" city you really begin to appreciate the subtle nuances of home.
  9. "Back Where I Come From" by Kenny Chesney. To you it may just be a small, anonymous place but to people from there it is a one-of-a-kind place that holds a cherished spot in their heart. That just about sums up how people from "podunk" towns feel about the place they call home and Kenny Chesney captures that spirit perfectly.
  10. "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles. The voice behind Sugarland collaborated with one of the most famous arena rockers in the world to reassure you that no matter what the jaded say, you can in fact go home.
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