10 Best Songs About Haters


Haters are everywhere, but most these 10 songs about haters are rap songs. Jealousy and envy are popular subject matter in Hip-hop because rap music is so popular, and haters seem to be an everyday occurrence. While some chose to face the haters head-on, others will write antagonistic lyrics to all the naysayers.

  1. “Hi Hater” – Maino. There's probably nothing more worse to a hater than acknowledgement. In Maino's song about haters, he even gives them a blatant shoutout before dissing their negative attributes.

  2. “Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)” – Mystikal. Mystikal uses his signature quick paced fire breathing rhymes to deliver his special message to haters. In this collaboration single with The Neptunes, he vows to remain resilient when haters try to push him back.

  3. “I'll Bee Dat” – Redman. Redman uses his comical rap stylings to create this in-your-face ode to haters. He uses the hook to let the haters no that he could care less what's being said about him.

  4. “Ms. Jackson” – Outkast. Haters aren't always random people who hate on someone's success. In Outkast's single, “Ms. Jackson,” the haters in question are their “baby's mama's mama,” who create drama when they come around.

  5. “Turn My Swag On” – Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy has a lot of southern swag that doesn't come easily. In this hater song, he details his morning routine to get himself prepared for making money, and avoiding any haters that try to get in his way.

  6. Baller Blockin” – Cash Money Millionaires feat. E-40. With a name like Cash Money Millionaires, the haters will always be around. B.G., Lil Wayne, Juvenile, E-40 combine their star power on this song about haters to keep them away.

  7. “Hate on Me” – Jill Scott. Being the only non-rap entry on the list doesn't make Jill Scott's song about haters any less relevant. Despite the sweet voice, “Hate on Me” is a bold declaration that hatred and jealousy are encouraged because none of that will affect her.

  8. “99 Problems” – Jay-Z. When your on top, your naturally going to have a lot of haters, and Jay-Z knows he has a lot. Jay-Z talks about his experiences in this song about haters.

  9. “Motivation” – T.I. T.I. Isn't bothered by haters at all. In fact, he's motivated in this song about haters. He even encourages the haters to continue to hate, because it only means he will work harder.

  10. “Back Back” – Lil O feat. Hawk. Houston rappers Lil O and Hawk get together to diss the haters just as much as they have dissed them. In their collaboration song about haters, they issue a warning for the haters to “gimme 50 feet.” 

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