10 Best Songs About Heaven

The 10 best songs about heaven cross many genres from pop, rock, Christian to Inspirational. While compiling such a list is highly subjective, many of these songs are very recognizable as they get good radio play. Whether the song is about heaven itself or meeting someone in heaven, they sweep you away to a place beyond this earth.

  1. Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton. Won a Grammy award for “Song of the Year” this ten best song about heaven had a personal meaning to Clapton. Having lost his child in an accident he wrote this to pose the question, “Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven.”
  2. How Far Is Heaven” – Los Lonely Boys. This song’s about how good does a person have to be to make it to paradise. “I know I have to change my ways of living, I just want to know how far” is the question in the song.
  3. In Heaven’s Eyes” – Sandi Patti. Inspirational singer ten best song about heaven shows heaven’s point of view. “In heaven’s eyes there are no losers.” This song won a Dove award for best song of the year.
  4. Heaven” – BeBe & CeCe Winans. Brother and sister duo came out with this award Dove winning song of the year in the Contemporary Pop genre for Christian music. “A place where love never ceases” sounds heavenly.
  5. Airline to Heaven” – Wilco. Alternative Country rock band belts out an unusual way to get to heaven. “You can get away to heaven on this airplane, just bow your head and pray.” Where do we buy tickets?
  6. Heaven” – Talking Heads. This ten best song about heaven real point is that heaven is about peace, “A place where nothing ever happens.” American rock band Talking Heads cut the grain on their point of view of paradise.
  7. In A Little While” – Amy Grant. Pop and Contemporary Christian music singer Amy sang this little tune about going to heaven. “In a little while will be home forever, in a while.”
  8. Let it Rain” – Michael W. Smith. As one of Christian music’s most prolific singer Michael comes in with a wonderful melody of “Open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain.” A unique 10 best song in heaven that doesn’t talk about gong there but about heaven coming on earth.
  9. Heaven Is In Her Face” – Steven Curtis Chapman. Another personal touching song about the loss of a singer’s child. “Heaven is in the face of a little girl with dark brown eyes.” Instead of heaven being above the singer talks about heaven being within.
  10. Heaven For Everyone” – Queen. This hard rock band is the last group you’d think would sing about heaven, but they did. “Heaven, heaven, heaven is for everyone.”
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