10 Best Songs About Jealousy

The 10 best songs about jealousy are not also the prettiest songs in pop music history. Jealousy, after all, is an ugly emotion that often leads to bad behavior. Either we attack our mate, or we go after the one that's with our mate. Either way, it's bad. Yet music is a great way to get out that aggression. It's better to sing about our feelings than fly off the handle and hurt somebody.

  1. "Jealous Guy" — John Lennon — Beatles fans may not like this John Lennon song, as he talks about how obsessed he became with Yoko when they were first together. And many people speculate that Yoko — in part — helped break up the Beatles.
  2. "Jessie's Girl" — Rick Springfield This is one of the few hit songs to ever use the word "moot" in it. Oh, and it's also a catchy little tune about wanting another guy's girl.  
  3. "Tell Her No" — The Zombies Hey, it doesn't hurt to tell the other guy to 'just say no,' does it? This song tries to do exactly that. Who can say if it actually works, though?  
  4. "Who's David" — Busted You'd be worried too, if you went through your girl's texts and found a lot of message from some guy named "David." You'd probably want to know who this David is and where he lives. Maybe what he drives.  
  5. "Possession Obsession" — Hall & Oates — Get this. John Oates—you know, the other half of the duo—sings this one. It's all about how jealousy in a relationship is not really a good thing. Well, duh!
  6. "Jealous Lover" — Rainbow — John Lynn Turner, or Rainbow, wrote this song really quickly. But it's a subject we all know so well, so who's surprised?
  7. "Bernadette" — The Four Tops — If Levi Stubbs (of The Four Tops) tells you to stay away from another man, you better listen. That man didn't speak softly. Chances are good, however, that he carried a big stick. 
  8. "Don't Cha" — Pussycat Dolls — This is song about a brave girl that comes right out and states that she's cheat-worthy. Gentlemen, watch out for girls like that.
  9. "Our Lips Are Sealed" — Go-Gos — This one concerned an affair between a Go-Go and a member of The Specials, back when they were touring together. Both acts recorded, but the Go-Gos version is much better.
  10. "In Your Shoes" — Beverley Knight — Here's a switch: This song speaks about other people's jealousy. These are people that can't focus on their own lives, and envy yours, instead.
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