10 Best Songs About Leaving Home

The 10 best songs about leaving home can be sad, triumphant or rebellious. When someone sings of leaving their home, the listener is sometimes forced to think about their own emotions if he were to consider leaving home. That is why the 10 best songs about leaving home are so popular; they hit an emotional chord with their audience.

  1. Bon Jovi – "Runaway". The first hit by these hair metal gods from New Jersey was a song about a girl who decided that home was not for her. Its signature keyboard opening and high-pitched vocals make this one of the 10 best songs about leaving home.
  2. Rod Stewart – "Young Turks". When a song tells a story about kids leaving home as an act of rebellion, and it is sung by the legendary Rod Stewart, then it belongs on the list of 10 best songs about leaving home. This song tells the story of young kids that decide to leave home and start a life together without glamorizing it.
  3. John Denver – "Leaving on a Jet Plane". Songs about being on the road as a musician often have a powerfully depressing message, especially when that musician is leaving his family behind. John Denver sings about the pain of leaving his family as he heads out on the road in this entry on the list of 10 best songs about leaving home.
  4. David Loggins – "Please Come to Boston". David Loggins sets out to find his way in the world and leaves his home and his girl behind. Every time he asks here to come join him in a new place he has settled down, she says no.
  5. Conway Twitty – "Don't Cry Joni". A song from the late Conway Twitty tells the story of a man who could not wait for his true love to become of age, so he left home looking for something better. By the time he realizes what he had at home, she was married to his best friend.
  6. Allman Brothers – "Ramblin' Man". This famous tune talks about a guy that just has to keep moving on to the next town to see what adventure he can find. As the song points out, the subject in this song was born to be a rambling man.
  7. Led Zeppelin – "Ramble On". Very similar to the subject matter of the Allman Brothers song "Ramblin' On", but this Led Zeppelin classic has a softer tone to it. Robert Plant has no time for spreading roots in this entry on the list of 10 best songs about leaving home.
  8. Charlie Rich – "Most Beautiful Girl in the World". Charlie Rich wakes up after a fight with his lady the night before and realizes that she is gone. He spends the rest of the song walking the streets looking for the woman he pushed away.
  9. Johnny Cash – "Papa Was a Good Man". An extremely sad song about a family that has to leave their home frequently because their father was an alcoholic. A song of faith and family togetherness that belongs on the list of the 10 best songs about leaving home.
  10. Skid Row – "18 and Life".  This metal classic is a song about a young man named Ricky that leaves home, gets caught up with the wrong crowd and winds up in jail for murder.
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