10 Best Songs About Letting Go

Sometimes you just have to give up on things and the 10 best song about letting go were written to help people do just that. Most songs about letting go focus on love and there are always broken hearts waiting for the chance to write new songs on the subject. 

  1. "Don't Let Go," En Vogue. Conventional wisdom says it is time to throw the towel in but En Vogue have a very different message: don't let go. The sexy singing quarter delivered this powerful song to the top of the charts and it remains the definitive song about letting go. 
  2. "Release me," Engelbert Humperdinck. Most letting go songs focus on the person holding on but Engelbert takes the opposite approach in this classic number. He implores the woman in the song to let him go but she is not willing to play ball.
  3. "Don't Let Go," Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan. It wouldn't be a true top 10 list without Sarah McLachlan and in this song she is joined by Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. The duo sound great together and this is one of the 10 best songs about letting go. 
  4. "Let Me let Go," Faith Hill. You can't blame a man for trying to hold on to the stunningly beautiful Faith Hill but she is ready to let go. This sad song is one for the lonely hearted and ranks as one of her best. 
  5. "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," George Michael and Elton John. You have to be reasonable when you make requests about people not letting go but expecting someone to stop the sun going down really is the limit. This is a great song though between two of Britain's finest singers. 
  6.  "Don't You Want Me baby," Human League. The guy really needs to just let her go in this song about a cocktail waitress who hit the big time. Its is one of the 10 best songs of the 80's and one of the all time best songs about letting go.
  7. "Free Bird," Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is a great song if you like wearing overalls, lumberjack shirts, have a mullett and a desire to be free. Sadly the song is so great that people just won't let it go. 
  8. "Never Gonna Give You Up," Rick Astley.  No one can accuse Rick Astley of letting go without a fight. This song is a modern day crooning classic and it ranks as one of the 10 best songs about letting go.
  9. "Let Go" Frou Frou. An odd name for a great singer but who cares about titles when the music is this good. Frou Frou has a quirky look but a high degree of sex appeal and she is sure to be around for years to come. 
  10. "I'll Never Let Go," Steel Heart. Men try to act tough but based on the 10 best songs about letting about letting go it seems as if the guys are the ones who can't move on. This is an oldie but a good one and if you can look past his witch like hair style it has a good video too.
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