10 Best Songs About Liars

The 10 best songs about liars appeal to a wide range of listeners because let’s face it, we all know lots of liars. The best songs about liars come from some of the finest artists of the last century and these songs are likely remain popular for years to come.

  1. “Great Pretender,” Queen. There are bad liars and then there are truth benders and the Great Pretender probably falls into the latter group. There has never been a better performer than Freddie Mercury and this classic tops the list of the best songs about liars.
  2. “Little Lies,” Fleetwood Mac. The troubled troupe from the U.S. and England had plenty of off-stage intrigue and most of it made it into the public domain through their music. “Little Lies,” just happens to be one of their very best efforts.
  3. “Liar,” Sex Pistols. This song about lying didn’t have an awful lot of lyrics but it did get the message across that the subject of the song was a liar. The Sex Pistols were not know for their charm, but their directness helps qualify this as one of the top songs about liars.
  4. “Betterman,” Pearl Jam. She may have been lying for his own sake, but the girl in this song was undoubtedly a liar. Eddie Vedder likes to call it as he sees it, and this song is no exception. One of his best.
  5. “Everybody Lies a Little,” B B King. According to BB King we are all liars. It is probably true and it is quite a fun song so it has to make the top ten songs about liars.
  6. “Liar,” Queen. Not as famous as their other entrant but equally worthy of a spot. Freddie Mercury obviously felt there were a lot of liars who needed to be called out.
  7. “Liar,” Korn. OK they probably didn’t set out to copy the name of the Queen song but they follow the English band into the top ten songs about liars with this angry classic. Korn don’t sound like guys you would want to upset so don’t lie to them.
  8. “Lies,” Evanescence. If there is one person you really don’t want to lie to it’s the singer from Evanescence because her voice will haunt you to the ends of the earth. This is a typical Evanescence song combining rock, fast drumming and plenty or eerie singing. Brilliant.
  9.  “Lies,” Thompson Twins. Back in the 80’s the Thompson Twins were all the rage so why would someone lie to them? Who knows but what we do know is that it spawned one of the best songs about liars.
  10. “Take the Power Back,” Rage Against the Machine. If you want to know what happens when you lie to the wrong person then this is the song for you. Rage Against the machine have a plan to deal with liars and it involves a bullet. Nice.
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