10 Best Songs About Life

The 10 best songs about life talk about everything from how to live it to the lessons learned to make sure life's not taken for granted. If you want to get high on life and its myriad possibilities, push this list to the top of your rotation and enjoy.

  1. “It's My Life” by No Doubt/Talk Talk/Bon Jovi This song about life was first done memorably by Talk Talk in the '80s. Gwen Stefani & Co. covered the song in 2003 and earned a top 20 hit. Bon Jovi released their own version, appropriately titled “It's My Life,” in 2000. While there's no relation between the Jovi song and the two Talk Talk incarnations, they both reinforce the same idea: Your life is your own and you get to make the calls and deal with the consequences.
  2. “Up All Night” by Classified The only hip-hop song about life to appear on the list, Classified is a Canadian rapper who takes this opportunity to rap about life and the lessons he's learned along the way. A smooth, catchy beat adds muscle to Classified's refined lyricism.
  3. “This is the Time” by Billy Joel Writing hit songs about life is Billy Joel's modus operandi. Seriously, nearly every memorable song in his discography relates in some way to living life to its fullest or remembering the good times. “This is the Time” is a call from the Piano Man to remember the now because these are the good times, too, not just those in the past.
  4. “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals Speaking to not allow your dreams to die, the New Radicals released this hit song about life in the late '90s to widespread acclaim.
  5. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield Undoubtedly the most bubbly of bubble gum pop on the best songs about life list, Daniel Bedingfield's sister hit song gold with this admonition to seize the day. Despite hits before and since the release of this song, it remains Bedingfield's biggest single.
  6. “Fame (I Want to Live Forever)” by Irene Cara An anthem for dancing and theater types, “Fame” is one of those songs you don't want to admit you sing when you're alone in front of your mirror. Don't deny it. All the cool kids do it.
  7. “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly There's no sappier, sentimental ode to life and achieving your dreams than R. Kelly's classic song about life. Released on the "Space Jam" soundtrack, this song, much like its lyrics exhorted others to do, soon took off to the top of the charts.
  8. “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw Everyone wants to carpe diem, including country stars who marry hot female country stars and have beautiful kids and make gads of dough. Yeah, Tim McGraw, everyone's hoping you make it one day, buddy. You have such a LONG way to go. Jerk.
  9. “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane Best known to the previous generation as that guy in Red Rider who released “Lunatic Fringe,” Cochrane weaseled into the consciousness of Gen Xers with this seminal song about life. Catchy as all get out, it's hard to resist and even harder to keep yourself from jumping out of your seat and grabbing life by the balls.
  10. “My Life” Billy Joel Back to the Piano Man who took no guff from anybody and wanted the world to know. From the dude who threw punches in 30 bouts and kicked over a piano during a concert in Russia, Joel was never one to let the outside world—be it mankind or life's bad luck—dictate the conditions by which he'd conduct himself. The ultimate song about life for life's rebels.
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