10 Best Songs About Losing Someone

The 10 best songs about losing someone bring a tear to the eye of the most stoic of listeners. Songs about lost love are always big sellers because there are so many broken hearts drifting through the world. The following are the best songs about someone who has been lost.

  1.  "With or Without You," U2. Bono and buddies have released several songs about lost love, but this one is the one that captured the hearts and minds of the whole world. It's defiance gives the lonely hearted strength and it is the best ever song about losing someone.
  2.  "All by Myself," Eric Carmen. Eric took a different route than U2 with his lost love classic. He had no defiance and no fight left in him at all, but his pathetic self pity produced a wonderful song.
  3.  "Since You've Been Gone," Kelly Clarkson. Young Kelly proved that girls have spirit with this rock/pop crossover. The last note of the chorus lingers on and on as if to symbolize her refusal to let go.
  4.  "Lonely this Christmas," Mud. The English band Mud were caring enough to write a song about people who get ditched right before the holidays. A glass of cherry and a healthy portion of Christmas cake will help to wash away the Christmas blues while you listen to this masterpiece.
  5.  "Can't Smile Without You," Barry Manilow. You would think that a heart throb crooner like Barry Manilow had never experienced heartache, but listening to this song may convince you otherwise. Barry takes his rightful place among the 10 songs about losing someone with this evergreen weepy.
  6.  "Go On Your Own Way," Fleetwood Mac. The 70s group Fleetwood Mac had an ever changing line up of performers, so it's is no wonder they wrote one of the 10 best songs about losing someone. The message from this one is simple: Clear off. 
  7. "Unbreak My Heart," Toni Braxton. If only the average listener could help Toni out, we would be able to put this song to rest but alas there is no helping her lonely heart. This power ballad about losing someone is as popular today as is was when it first came out.  
  8.  "Tears in Heaven," Eric Clapton. This is one of the best songs about losing someone, and it is heartfelt because Clapton wrote it about his son. It is a great song but it's tragic that it had to be written. 
  9.  "All out of love," Air Supply. If it wasn't bad enough that they lost someone, they even lost the ability to love. This is one the best songs about losing someone but somebody get the singer some air.
  10. "Ain't No Sunshine," Bill Withers. Well there are a lot of sad songs about losing someone in the top 10 but Bill Wethers really brings the curtain down with this all time great. There is only darkness when the sun has gone. Poor old Bill.
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