10 Best Songs About Love Affairs

The 10 best songs about love affairs are all about the person you love cheating on you or wishing she was with someone else. Love affairs of the heart are just as painful, if not more painful than being cheating on. This list of songs can help you work through the pain and begin to move on.

  1. “Lips of an Angle” by Hinder It never fails that an ex-girlfriend wants to hang on when you have moved on. The guy mentioned in this song is sneaking around talking to his ex-girlfriend while his live-in girlfriend is asleep in the other room. He knows it’s wrong, he tells his ex she makes it hard for him to be faithful to his new girlfriend.
  2. “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker This is a song about instant sexual attraction; two people that can’t take their mind or hands off of each other, regardless of the woman being married to another man. They hook up for sex and there are no promises, but she’s not ashamed and he’s not scared.
  3. “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy In this song about a love affair, a man is caught red-handed having sex with another girl. He wants the problem to go away by swearing it wasn’t him, but he knows that is out of the question. The only option he has is to tell his girlfriend he is sorry for causing her so much pain.
  4. “One Night Love Affair” by Bryan Adams This song about a love affair is the best. It’s about two people who meet, hook up for a night of passion and then go their separate ways. It sounds simple, but maybe there is something more, but they both acted like they don’t really care. A lost chance at love, maybe?
  5. “Far Away” by Nickelback This love affair song is an affair of the heart. The guy mentioned in the song let his girlfriend go and regrets doing so. He loves her and always has, but he’s been distant. He is putting his heart out there, hoping she will forgive him and keep this love alive.
  6. “The Rain” by Oran “Juice” Jones This is the type of love affair song that makes you feel better with a bit of revenge. He suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him, so he follows her.  He was right.  When she gets home that night he kicks her out with only the clothes on her back.  Everything she had, he gave her and took back.
  7. “So Tired” by Ozzy Osbourne In this song you hear the sound of heartache and defeat. He loves this woman, but she belongs to someone else. She promises to leave her husband, but never does.
  8. “Found Out About You” by Gin Blossoms Some girls really think they can keep you fooled, but in this song about love affairs, he found out about everything.
  9. “Take It On The Run” by REO Speedwagon Here is a classic love affair song where he is the last to know. The rumors about her cheating finally get back to him and he confronts her. He knows how talk is cheap and wants to hear if the rumors are true.
  10. “Your Love “by The Outfield This song about a love affair is so in your face. When his girlfriend leaves for a vacation, he wastes no time telling another girl he wants to have sex with her. He only wants to use her for sex and fun until his girlfriend returns.
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