10 Best Songs About Love Triangles

As these 10 best songs about love triangles express, relationships can be complicated. A love triangle refers to relationship between three people. While the phrase can refer to friendship, it usually implies a situation where two people vie for the love of a third person. In most cases, each person has some kind of connection to the other two. While a triad refers to an arrangement that all parties agree upon, a love triangle usually spells trouble for one or more of the people involved. Love triangles are a popular theme in novels, movies, and music, as shown in these ten songs.

  1. “Him.” “Him,” a 1980 single by American-British musician Rupert Holmes, tops the list of best songs about love triangles. “Him, him, him, what’s she gonna do about him?” the singer asks. “No one gets to get it for free, it’s me or it’s him.”
  2. “I’m That Type Of Guy.” “I’m That Type Of Guy,” is a 1989 song from American rapper, LL Cool J. In this triangle-theme song, he contrasts himself with the other guy. “You’re the type of guy that can’t control your girl,” he sings, and “I’m the type of guy that shows up on the scene.”
  3. “Gabriel.” “Gabriel” is a 2005 recording by Najoua Belyzel, a French pop-electronic singer. “Es-tu fait pour lui, es-tu fait pour moi ?” she asks in her signature song, which translates into English as, “Are you meant for him? Are you meant for me?” While some interpret the phrase as a choice between spiritual love and physical love, many read it as a hesitation in choice about sexual orientation.
  4. “Bi.” “Bi” is a 1993 song from American funk metal band Living Colour. The song title and lyrics refer to bisexuality. When the singer learns that his lover is bisexual, she tells him not to cry, “Cause the one I am with, you’ve been seeing on the side.”
  5. “No More.” “No More” is a 2001 single by British boyband A1. “Calling me day and night, saying he don’t treat you right. Then you always turn around and give him one more chance.” With one foot out the door, the singer tells his lover, “I don’t wanna hear no more.”
  6. “Objection (Tango).” “Objection (Tango)” is a 2001 song by popular Colombian pop singer Shakira. The song tells of a love triangle between the singer, her lover, and his new girlfriend. “Tango is not for three,” Shakira sings, “was never meant to be.”
  7. “Wake Up Call.” “Wake Up Call,” a 2007 song from American rock band Maroon 5, tells of love and murder. “Wake up call, caught you in the morning with another one in my bed,” the singer explains. “I had to shoot him dead. He won’t come around here anymore.”
  8. “Over The Hills And Far Away.” “Over The Hills And Far Away” is a 2001 song by Nightwish, a power metal band from Finland. In the song, a man accused of robbery can’t give an alibi because he spent the night with his best friend’s wife. “He had to fight back tears of rage, his heart beats like a drum. For with the wife of his best friend, he spent his final night of freedom.”
  9. “Black Song.” “Black Song” is a 2008 song from English alternative rock band, White Lies. The lyrics literally speak of love triangles in the first lines. “I can’t think straight,” the song goes, “I’ve been thinking in love triangles, and vicious circles. Is it the same as before?”
  10. “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” Last on the list of love triangle songs is “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” a song by American punk band, Lustra. “Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday,” the singer announces. The soundtrack for the 2004 comedy film, “EuroTrip,” features the song.
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