10 Best Songs About Men

Looking to find the 10 best songs about men? Well, that's great! This article will provide you with the ten best songs about men and their mannish ways. Men are much like women, except it's even harder to decode a man than it is a woman. Men feel the need to be strong all the time, even when they are down whereas women will show a softer side some of the time. Men are amazing, but at the same time men can be a riddle. Love 'em or hate 'em – we women just can't live without them.

  1. "What A Man" – Salt-n-Peppa. This song is an anthem for men, and hopefully they appreciate the love coming from this song. This song can describe any man with good looks, arrogant attitude and a body to go with it. This is definitely one of the best songs out there about men.
  2. "Simple Man" – Shine Down. This song about men was made for men. It's a touching emotional song about what a man truly thinks about this life. Shine Down has amazing vocals to go with it, and this song makes you appreciate men for more than just their looks.
  3. "Sharp Dressed Man" – ZZ Top. Every girl is crazy about a 'sharply dressed man', and there is a reason why. This song is devoted to those guys who work hard and play harder. Something about men in suits makes women go crazy, and this song truly expresses that.
  4. "No Scrub" – TLC. This song is about men who aren't so rich. This song is devoted to men who spend too much time trying to get a woman to pay for them instead of getting a job. However, at some point or another in the songs, the lyrics will make you laugh – because everyone has met a man who still lives with his mom and doesn't do his own laundry.
  5. "My Lovin'" – EnVogue. This song is devoted to men who try to play the game even with a smart girl. This song depicts a player's attempt to get a girl's heart and play with it, only the woman is smart enough not to fall for it. It's a great song for listening to, especially when you are playing the cat and mouse game in love.
  6. "Man In The Mirror" – Michael Jackson. As for as songs about men, this song is truly inspirational. In general, men think about themselves and chasing tail, not about the woes of the world. Michael Jackson takes a different standpoint and makes men look in the mirror to find something greater than themselves.
  7. "She Thinks My Tracker's Sexy" – Kenny Chesney. This song is for all those hard working males out there who can drive a forklift, tracker or lawn mower for hours at a time. It's a song that describes a man's point of view about a good day's living working with your hands and still have women find it attractive. There is something so sexy about men who work with their hands.
  8. "I'm Still A Guy" – Brad Paisley. This song is just a great fun song for men. It's talking about mannish things, such as hunting and working while still having enjoyable entertaining lyrics and a great sound to go with it.
  9. "Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind" – Kellie Pickler. This is a song created about men from a woman's point of view, and it's so true! It's a country song with a flare and lots of meaning behind the song.
  10. "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" – The Temptations. This song is an oldie but goodie, especially for talking about men. This is another song about a man sowing his seeds and not exactly looking after them after the fact. It's a great song about men, in general.
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