10 Best Songs About Mom

If you don’t have time to (or want to) call your mom, play some of the 10 best songs about mom and get all warm and fuzzy thinking about the one who birthed you. These songs celebrate, mourn for and whine about the universal experience of having a mom.

  1. Mother.” If you think your mom is controlling, listen to Pink Floyd’s “Mother” and you’ll see your mom in a whole new light. The mom in “Mother” checks out all your girlfriends and “will always find out where you’ve been.” She’s just another brick in singer Roger Waters' wall.
  2. Mother.” John Lennon’s mother was killed by a drunk driver when the Beatle was only in his teens, robbing him of their relationship. “Mother, you had me, but I never had you,” wails Lennon in this song off his confessional “Plastic Ono Band,” one of the best songs about mom.
  3. Dear Mama.” Tupac might have been a gangsta rapper, but moreso he was a poet who cared deeply for his mother. “A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it / There's no way I can pay you back,” sings Tupac, in one of rap’s most heartfelt moments and one of the best songs about mom.
  4. Mama Said.” No matter how mature you think you are, mama will always know best. Such is the case in The Shirelles’ “Mama Said.” This girl groups sings “Mama said there’d be days like this,” echoing the sentiments of millions of confused kids and adults in one of the best songs about mom.
  5. Tie Your Mother Down.” Despite being a world-class singer, Freddie Mercury’s girlfriend’s parents just don’t like him in “Tie Your Mother Down.” The Queen front man begs his girl to tie her mother down so they can be together. Another mom bites the dust in the name of love.
  6. Your Mother Should Know.” Paul McCartney, the king of schmaltzy music-hall revival songs, sings a song “that was a hit before your mother was born.” The song doesn’t really say much beyond that, but it’s one of the best songs about mom for its playful melody.
  7. A Song For Mama.” Would you expect anything less from a respectable boy band than “A Song For Mama”? This R&B group from Philly were huge international stars with mega-hits, but they didn’t forget where they came from and penned this song for their moms.
  8. Mother & Child Reunion.” Paul Simon named this song after a Chinese food dish that features chicken and eggs (Get it?). This reggae-influenced song appeared on Simon’s debut solo album and is one of the best songs about mom.
  9. Stacy’s Mom.” Borrowing a few tricks from The Cars playbook, power-pop band Fountains of Wayne penned one of the best songs about mom in “Stacy’s Mom.” Who hasn’t been hot over a mom?
  10. Mama Told Me (Not To Come).” Three Dog Night is at “the craziest party there could ever be” and realizes they should have just listened to mom and stayed home in this funky rock & roll song written by Randy Newman.  


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