10 Best Songs About Moving Away

The 10 best songs about moving away are both positive and negative. Moving away songs can be both happy and bittersweet. People move; it's a fact of life. Sometimes these moves are for the better. Other times, they're for the worse.

  1. "Welcome to the Jungle" Guns & Roses This song is based on Axl Rose's true story. He moved from the plains of Indiana to the wilds of Los Angeles. However, it wasn't long before Rose fit right into the insane Los Angeles lifestyle. He found moving away exactly to his liking.
  2. "Going to California" Led Zeppelin When Brits went to California, they were attracted by all the flower children. Led Zep rocked much harder than many of those summer of love-ers. That's probably why they didn't stay after moving away.
  3. "Hit the Road Jack" Ray Charles Sometimes moving away is a free choice. Other times, it's forced. When Brother Ray sang, "Hit the Road Jack," he wasn't exactly throwing a going away party.
  4. "Long and Winding Road" Beatles Sometimes moving means moving toward the one we truly need to spend our life with. That journey is rarely a straight line, however. It is, as the song says, a twisted path.
  5. "King of the Road" Roger Miller Roger Miller sings about a hobo in this song. This is a man that bases his whole life on moving away because he has no permanent home.
  6. "Country Roads" John Denver There's something about spending life on the road that makes home seem so appealing. This is a series of moves away, moving away from the road life and back to the hometown life.
  7. "She's Leaving Home" The Beatles It's bittersweet when a child grows up and moves out. Strangely, The Beatles wrote this song when they were still young, long before they even had children that would eventually move away.
  8. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" Peter, Paul and Mary John Denver, once again, wrote a song about moving away. It's a sad one because he really doesn't want to go. He just has to.
  9. "Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac This is another "Hit The Road Jack" song in so many ways. If a person can't stay, well, he might as well move away to anywhere he wants to go.
  10. "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" Glen Campbell How sad that this man who moves away from his girl knows what his ex will be doing at every locale marker along the way. Let's hope the City of Phoenix never gets confused and uses this as its city song. It's not a happy song about Phoenix.
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