10 Best Songs About Oral Sex

It's not a surprise that many of the 10 best songs about oral sex come from the world of hip-hop and R&B; the more openly sexual style of this genre often makes for good "bedroom music." The 10 best songs about oral sex are sly, suggestive and explicit, often surprisingly so. Here are the 10 best songs about oral sex in the history of popular music.

  1. "Head" by Prince – The title doesn't leave much to the imagination, and neither does this early Prince classic, in which he steals a bride on the way to the altar with promises of taking his talents to South Beach. When he does, she's his forever. This spiky, creative tune is one of Prince's best, and tops the list of the 10 best songs about oral sex.
  2. "My Neck, My Back" by Khia – Perhaps the most explicit song on the list of 10 best songs about oral sex, this has become a strip club classic. R&B diva Khia demands that a man go downstairs to be with her. She makes a pretty persuasive argument.
  3. "Chelsea Hotel #2" by Leonard Cohen – Cohen's classic New York tale is different than most of the songs on this list of the best songs about oral sex. It's very low-key, and the oral sex is only part of the story. Still, it is a masterpiece.
  4. "Milkshake" by Kelis – Many think "Milkshake" is about what Kelis keeps in her shirt. It's actually about her special oral abilities, which truly do "bring all the boys to the yard." This radio pop hit is one of the 10 best songs about oral sex ever performed.
  5. "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne – Unlike many rappers, Weezy is happy to return the favor, as detailed in this song about getting his lollipop licked and reciprocating lustily. Another radio hit (in a much less explicit version), it is one of the 10 best songs about oral sex in popular music.
  6. "Kiss that Frog" by Peter Gabriel – The art-rock pioneer gets a little filthy in this entry on the list of best songs about oral sex. After all, if you want a prince, you need to kiss the frog.
  7. "Just Like Honey" by the Jesus and Mary Chain – An ethereal love song, it's tough to tell at first what it's really about. But the honey in the beehive gives it away.
  8. "How Many Licks" by Lil Kim – Lil Kim has never been subtle, but the lack of subtlety in this one takes the cake. Still, she's a strong woman who gets what she wants, no matter how many licks it might take.
  9. "Just Don't Bite It" by NWA – The original gangsta rap ode to head is rude, crude, and classic. It was an easy choice for the best songs about oral sex list.
  10. "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith – The dirty old men of hard rock sing of living it up while going down in this wordplay-heavy song. "Love in an Elevator" closes out the list of the 10 best songs about oral sex.
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