10 Best Songs About Rock And Roll

Finding the 10 best songs about rock and roll is kind of a no-brainer. After all, just as dance artists love to sing about dancing, these 10 best songs about rock and roll feature rockers singing about what they know best—rock and roll. And just to make things fun, only songs with the word "rock" were chosen for the list.

  1. “I Love Rock 'n Roll” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Can the point be made any more simpler than this? Granted, it'd be hard to find a jukebox to feed money to. But Joan Jeff sincerely loves rock & roll, and also knows how to rock.
  2. “Rock & Roll” by Led Zeppelin – Ironically, this pioneering heavy metal band sings about the joys of old-time rock and roll. But what did you expect? Songs about sledgehammers?
  3. “Rock & Roll All Nite by Kiss – Young kids were singing along about rocking all night and partying every day. And that, friends, is scarier than the band's cartoon makeup.
  4. “It’s Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) by The Rolling Stones – Only rock and roll? Say it ain't so! Rock and roll is everything to some, and they love it, not just like it. Other than that, a fine song.
  5. “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by AC/DC – This one goes out to the children out there. These are the ones with good parents that raise their children on a healthy diet of sugary cereals and vitamin-packed rock and roll. To you about-to-be's, we salute you.
  6. “Rock 'n' Roll High School” by Ramones — "I don't care about history/'Cause that's not where I wanna be." Now that would sure put fear in any history teacher's heart. But without rock and roll, who knows where those poor Ramones boys might have ended up.
  7. “Keep On Rockin’  In The Free World” by Neil Young – This song is more about personal freedom, than rocking out. Nevertheless, it's a fine salute to rockers. And nobody, but nobody, rocks like Neil.
  8. “Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy” – Bad Company – Every kid fantasizes about being a rock star. Admit it, you did. And while other bands have put these thoughts into song, nobody did it better than Bad Company.
  9. “Old Time Rock an Roll” Bob Seger – People should live in the past. The exception to that rule is when the present is too sorry to mention. When Seger wrote this song, rock and roll was at an old time low. So why not look back to when music was better?
  10. “So You Want Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star” The Byrds – This is kind of a cynical, step-by-step instruction on how to be a rock star. It's not that easy, boys and girls. But it's one of the many great Byrds' songs, and they were true rock stars.
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