10 Best Songs About Running Away

Bruce Springsteen is the master of the running away song, so our list of 10 best songs about running away, are all by "the Boss" Springsteen. Whether running away or toward something, the lyrics and driving sounds of Springsteen are bound to get you there.

  1. "Born to Run," by Bruce Springsteen – Driving guitars and haunting sounding lyrics make you want to get on your motorcycle and go right now. This song belongs at the top of any top ten list of songs about running away.
  2. "Hungry Heart," by Bruce Springsteen – "I went for a ride and never went back," about says it all as far as running away. The heart is hungry for more, and that is why you run away, to find what is out there.
  3. "Independence Day," by Bruce Springsteen – A song about leaving home and sad goodbyes and hopes for a future, "say goodbye its Independence Day."
  4. "Light of Day," by Bruce Springsteen – This is a song about going to the new place after running away. "Just around the corner to the light of day."
  5. "Thunder Road," by Bruce Springsteen – Here is another escape song. "So Mary climb in; It's a town full of losers; And I'm pulling out of here to win.
  6. "Come on (Let's Go Tonight)," by Bruce Springsteen – Running away to chase his dreams, "How many men fail, their dreams denied; They walk through these streets with death in their eyes; Come on Lets go tonight."
  7. "Dancing in the Dark," by Bruce Springsteen – He's not running away yet in this one, but he wants to. Wanting to run away is the first step, and the music is the second.
  8. "Two for the Road," by Bruce Springsteen – If you're going to run away, you might as well have your girl by your side.
  9. "Stolen Car," by Bruce Springsteen – This is a sad song more about internal running away from oneself. "But I ride by night and I travel in fear; That in this darkness I will disappear."
  10. "Promised Land," by Bruce Springsteen – This is an inspirational song to help you chase your dreams and never give up, even if that means running away.
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