10 Best Songs About Success

There are many stories about people who have made it to the top and the 10 best songs about success tell the story of some of the best. Success usually comes after years of trying and the people who made these top 10 songs suffered plenty of setbacks on the road to success.

  1. "Money," Pink Floyd. The English band Pink Floyd decided to write a success song about something they have in abundance: money. This is one of their very best songs and the fact they still play it to sold out crowds 30 years after its release says it all. 
  2. "Success," Duran Duran. No pop band enjoyed more success in the 80's than Duran Duran and this aptly named song reflects their glory days. One of the 10 best all-time bands to come out of England, Simon Le Bon and friends were both pop stars and fashionistas.  
  3. "The Impossible Dream," Andy Williams. Legendary crooner Andy Williams didn't believe in selling yourself short. His dreams were big and in fact impossible for mere mortals to achieve. Andy was no mere mortal and this song is one of the 10 best songs about success. 
  4. "Mo Money Mo Problems," Notorious B.I.G. The late Great B.I.G. rapped his way to stardom but success was not without its pitfalls as demonstrated in this song. Struck down at the height of his fame, B.I.G. remains among the best rappers of all time. 
  5. "Big Pimpin'" Jay-Z. Rapper Jay-Z managed to cross over to the mainstream relatively easily and this song about his success tells the tale of his rise to fame. Like many rappers, Jay-Z isn't short of bling and as long as his success continues he will have the money to buy lots more. 
  6. "Til I Collapse," Eminem. Rapper Eminem likes to write songs about his personal struggles but even with all the success that he has enjoyed he still craves more and won't stop until he drops. This is one of his 10 best songs and gives a good insight into his thought process. 
  7. "Nothing is Gonna Stop us Now," Starship. If you can make it this far with long hair and flowery shirts then it is hard to imagine anything blocking your way. Starship though fell from the public eye not long after this success and now they frequent band stand at theme parks. 
  8. "Life's been Good," Joe Walsh. It is nice to hear from a rocker who appreciates the good things that fame and fortune bring and Joe does not hold back. The rock star legend easily makes the top 10 songs about success list with this classic.  
  9.  "Jenny From The Block," Jennifer Lopez. You may know her as the sexy star with the big butt but to her school friends she is just plain old Jenny from the block. The only blocks she has to worry about now are blocks of gold. That is what success does for you.
  10. "Success" 3-0 Matic. It seems appropriate to end this 10 best list with a song simply called "Success." This fast moving dance track is popular in nightclubs and is one to remember.
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