10 Best Songs About Trees

 Have you ever thought what the 10 Best Songs About Trees are? Trees are a great gift from nature and many poems have been written about trees but relatively few songs.  Trees represent strength and long life and are critical for the world to survive. Here are my picks for the 10 best songs About Trees.

  1. “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree” – this is a World War II era song performed by the Andrews Sisters. In the song a soldier tells his sweetheart to be true until he comes home.
  2.  “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree” – this is a lovely song by Tony Orlando and Dawn. The song tells the story of a man who has been away for some time and hopes to see a yellow ribbon on the oak tree when he comes home. As the bus approaches his home he sees a hundred yellow ribbons.
  3.  “Little Trees” – this is a wonderful children’s song about trees by Michael Mitchell. The song talks about walking in the woods, climbing and caring for tress. The song draws analogies of children and trees growing up strong.
  4.  “O Christmas Tree” – this is simply a classic Christmas holiday song. The songs deal with the beauty and symbolism of the Christmas tree.
  5.  “Redwood Tree” – this song by van Morrison pays tribute to the Redwood Trees of Marin County. In the song the singer seeks refuge from the rain under a mighty Redwood. The Redwood is a symbol of safety in the Van Morrison tune.
  6.  “The Willow Tree” – there are several versions of this folk song. The themes vary some what; in one version it speaks of loss wealth and the protagonist dies under the Willow tree. In another version a cruel young man dies and only has the Willow tree to weep for him.
  7.  “Lumberjack” – this Monty Python tune is a spoof on lumberjacks. The song in conjunction with the comedy skit is hilarious.
  8.  “The Pine Tree” – this country tune by June Carter uses trees to describe her relationship with her man. She makes comparisons to several trees. In the end of the song she tells her pine tree to come back and they will set roots in their hearts.
  9.  “Dream a Little Dream of Me” – this is a wonderful love song and beautifully sung by Cass Elliot. Mama Cass makes a number of references to nature in the song including “the birds singing in the Sycamore tree.
  10.  “The Forest Rangers Theme Song” – this is a lovely musical melody without lyrics. It is an upbeat tune and honors the service of Forest Rangers who work tirelessly to protect our forests. 
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