10 Best Songs About Water

The 10 best songs about water were made by different bands that played rock, jazz, hip hop and folk music. The songs range from hard rock, classic rock to folk songs. Below, you will find the top ten best song titles about water and information about the bands. Water in the song refers to water in river, lakes, streams or rain falling during stormy weather causing gloom and problems. It can also be a symbol. The lyrics of the songs can be interpreted differently by the listening audience. Below are the ten best songs about water.

  1. "Black Water" This is a classic rock song penned by the Doobie Brothers. It was produced in 1974 as part of an album. The song is a mix of Dixieland tunes and rock and roll music. It was written by lead singer Patrick Simmons.
  2. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" This song is by Simon and Garfunkel. It is a haunting folk song written about water below a bridge. This song won six Grammys with the haunting lyrics and guitar sound.
  3. "Smoke on the Water" The song is by the British rock band Deep Purple. It was released in 1974 as part of the album "Machine Head." It reached number four on the Billboard singles chart. It is based on an experience of a fire breaking out when the band played.
  4. "Rain" It is song by the English rock group The Beatles. It is written by John Lennon. It is about The Beatles tour in Melbourne, Australia. When they arrived, they were greeted by rain and bad weather. Lennon had never seen it rain that hard.
  5. "Tide is High"  This song became a hit when performed by the rock band Blondie. It was performed in 1980 reggae style with string instruments and horns. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It about a woman trying to be number one with a man despite the odds being against her.
  6. "Have You Seen the Rain" It is a song written by John Fogerty performed by Clearance Clearwater Revival. It was number eight on Billboard Hot 100 list in 1971. The lyrics are about the Vietnam War with the rain symbols of the bombs being dropped during the war.
  7. "Sloop John B" It is song by the Beach Boys. It was made into a single record in 1966 by Capital Records. The John B was a boat that was known for a crew that loved to party when it docked. The boat was wrecked and sunk in the Bahamas. The song reached number three on Billboard Hot 100 list.
  8. "Nightswimming"  This is a song by an alternative rock band called R.E.M. Singer Michael Stripe sings a ballad accompanied by a bassist, piano and oboe player. A variety of different musical instruments are used to create the music. It is about a group of friends that go skinny dipping at night which the band often did. It was released as a single in 1993.
  9. "Riders on the Storm" A song by the group The Doors, this was made in 1971. It made it to number fourteen on the Billboard Top 100 list. It uses real sound effects of thunder and rain when recording. The instruments used include the electric guitar, among others. The Doors were from London. It was the last song Jim Morrison recorded. The song was supposed to be about his life; he considered himself a rider in the storm.
  10. "Sitting on Dock of the Bay" The song is written by two people: Otis Redding and Steve Cropper. Otis wrote the lyrics on a houseboat after listening to the Beatles album, "The Lonely Heart Club Band." It inspired him to write the song. It was written in 1967.
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