10 Best Songs About Winning


Everybody likes to win, and the 10 best songs about winning can be heard after football games, soccer matches and chess tournaments all over the world. Songs about winning encapsulate the drama and the joy of victory and no songs capture those emotions better than these classics.

1. “We are the Champions,” Queen. Followers of Manchester United hear this song every May and it is viewed by many as the best song about winning of all time. Freddie Mercury knew how to write songs that satisfied the critics and the tastes of the simple man.

2. “Simply the Best,” Tina Turner. Much of this song is forgettable, but each verse builds up to the dramatic chorus when Tina Turner belts out “You’re simply the best.” You have got to have a big voice to be a winner and Tina certainly has that.

3. “You Win Again,” Bee Gees. The trio from down under were already old when they decided to pop up unshaven in bright white garbs with this peppy little song about winning. It is a song in which the singer seems to be on the losing side, but their loss is our gain, because this is one of the best songs about winning.

4. “The Winner Takes it All,” Abba. OK, another song about winning from the perspective of the loser, but nevertheless a brilliant effort from the Swedish sensations, Abba. The lead singer brings such emotion to the song and is it any wonder since it is about a break up and it came out just after her divorce.

5. “Everyone’s a Winner,” Hot Chocolate. The lady from Abba shouldn’t feel bad because as Hot Chocolate pointed out, everyone’s a winner. The song has a message that is easily disproven, but who cares? it makes us all feel better.

6. “Winning,” Santana. Guitar fans probably regard this Santana effort as the best song about winning but even for those who don’t marvel at the plucking of strings it ranks among the best. Santana is as ageless as Santa Claus and we expect many more classics from him.

7. “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor. This one really gets the pulse pumping and the crowd on the feet and it still ranks as one of the best songs about winning. Rocky won to it and countless others followed in his footsteps and no doubt there will be more to come.

8. “Lose Yourself,” Eminem. This is one of the best songs about winning rap contests and it is also one of the best winning songs in general. Eminem isn’t exactly family viewing but he can be forgiven for his questionable choices of lyrics because this song is quite catchy.

9. “Greatest Man That Ever Lived,” Weezer. Based on their outfits, the members of Weezer didn’t exactly look like winners but this song won them worldwide acclaim. This is one of the best songs of it’s era and is worthy of this list.

10. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now,” Starship. Who better than a band named after a spacecraft to finish out the best songs about winning? Starship were winners in their own right, and this song was their finest hour.

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