10 Best Songs With Alot Of Bass

The 10 best songs with alot of bass can take a music fan back to the days when the guitar and bass were focal points of music. Some of the greatest bass lines in history were written for classic rock songs. Over time, hard rock and heavy metal has brought us some of the 10 best songs with alot of bass in the history of music.

  1. Motorhead – "Ace of Spades" From the first moment that Lemmy strikes his bass and launches into Motorhead's classic song "Ace of Spades," you know you are in for a bass hammering. The bass line in this song is brutal, out front and something you will always remember.
  2. Pink Floyd – "Money" The bass line for the Pink Floyd hit single "Money" from the "Dark Side of the Moon" LP should be included in any list of the 10 best songs with alot of bass. Without this classic bass line, this song would not exist.
  3. The Beatles – "Come Together" The Beatles wrote a lot of classic songs, but the bass is most prominent in "Come Together." Paul McCartney's bass starts the song off and the drives it all the way to the end. This deep and brooding song is the perfect backdrop for a classic bass sound and ranks as one the 10 best songs with a lot of bass ever written.
  4. Spinal Tap – "Big Bottoms" Spinal Tap was a group of comedic writers who decided to start a heavy rock band and parody heavy metal. But because of the talent level and musical abilities of all of the comedians, they wrote some good songs as well. If you are looking to test out the bottom end of your stereo, and want to use one of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass, then put "Big Bottoms" on your stereo. There is no lead guitar in this song. It is only bass, keyboards, drums and vocals. With a thick bass sound and heavy bass drum driving it, this song will test the limits of any stereo low end.
  5. The Who – "The Real Me" It takes some convincing to get people to believe that much of what you hear on the Who's hit single "The Real Me" is bass. The bass lines that run through the song are elaborate, very low-end and deserving to be mentioned as one of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass ever written.
  6. Rush – "YYZ" If you are looking for a bass playing inspiration, or one of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass to test your stereo, then look no further than Rush's classic instrumental "YYZ." Geddy Lee's bass lines and solo breaks will keep any aspiring bass player busy for years.
  7. Kiss – "God of Thunder" Kiss bass player Gene Simmons rarely gets the credit he deserves as a bass player. The bass line that runs through "God of Thunder" is punishing, dynamic and worthy of a mention as one of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass ever written.
  8. Green Day – "Longview" Green Day helped to bring punk music to the mainstream, and their very first hit song was the bass-inspired "Longview." With a wandering bass line that became one of the most famous ever written in rock music, "Longview" became an instant classic and a song worthy of the list of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass.
  9. Metallica – "Four Horsemen" When the bass sets the mood of a song, then you know you have one of the 10 best songs with a lot of bass of all time. The galloping bass in this song helps to create the feeling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse chasing you down.
  10. Cake – "Going the Distance" One of the things that makes a great bass song is when the bass line that introduces the song gets the audience dancing instantly. With the Cake hit "Going the Distance," as soon as the bass starts the song launches into one of the classics in the history of rock.
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