10 Best Songs With Deep Bass

The ten best songs with deep bass should not be included on the same playlist. Nor should they all be played on the same set of speakers. And whatever you do, do not play them in succession. Your system will be shot and you’ll be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a replacement.

  1. “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” – Snoop Dogg. While not the oldest song on the list (see #2), Snoop’s first big hit remains one of the best songs with deep bass to blast in your car. Good for a throwback during a ride through the city or upsetting the Neighborhood Watch when cruising through the suburbs.
  2. “Boomin’ System” – LL Cool J. One of the best songs on an album full of them, this track from 1990’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” can still rattle your speakers. A song specially designated to be played at high volume in your ride, preferably in residential areas.
  3. “Take a Walk” – Masta Ace. Ace has been on the scene for longer than most, having emerged during what is generally understood as the Golden Age of Rap. “Walk”, from his album “Disposable Arts” released in 2001, shows Ace gifting fans a hard hitting song with deep bass.
  4. “If I Can’t” – 50 Cent. Released as a single off 50’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” album in 2003, “If I Can’t” was an afterthrough after the massive success of singles like “In Da Club” and “P.I.M.P.” But don’t let it’s mild success fool you: it’s a song with deep bass that can shake your system with the best ones.
  5. “Rock Superstar” – Cypress Hill. If any group could fill each spot on a list of best songs with deep bass, it’s Cypress Hill. Eschewing their more well-known singles, “Superstar” has the kind of energy and bravado to satisfy any lover of deep bass.
  6. “That’s How” – D12. From 2001’s “Devil’s Night”, “That’s How” features the sextuplet collective from Detroit tag-teaming over a funked-up groove thanks to the song’s deep bass.
  7. “In Stereo” – Fort Minor. The offshoot of successful rock band Linkin Park, Fort Minor has already made a name for itself as a legitimate rap outfit with some very memorable tunes. “In Stereo” is Fort Minor at their best, with a fusion of rap/rock beats and skilled lyricism that make for an awesome song with deep bass.
  8. “F**k Tony Montana” – La Coka Nostra. A lambast against Al Pacino’s second most infamous movie villain, it’s nonetheless a great song with deep bass that will have you looping it for hours.
  9. “Vibrate” – Petey Pablo. If you crank this in your ride, just make sure the kids aren’t around. Petey Pablo is known for two things: incredible songs with deep bass, and sexing up the lady folk. “Vibrate” doesn’t disappoint on either count.
  10. “Intergalactic” – Beastie Boys. Don’t have a juiced up sound system? It doesn’t matter with “Intergalactic”, one of the Boys biggest hits and without a doubt their best song with deep bass. “Intergalactic” is so full of energy and oozing with so much bass that you could play it on a tinny, mono laptop speaker and you’d still blow out your poor computer.
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