10 Best Songs For Girlfriends

The 10 best songs for girlfriends are all superb choices if you're looking to show your girl some tunes to show your love. Whether your looking to surprise her, or simply make her enjoy her time with you, these are all great choices. Each song has unique beats and vocals that she will surely enjoy.

  1. Jonas, "Love Bug": Performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, this song jumps as one of the best to show your girl how you feel about her. It is a heartfelt love song, telling the story about love and adoration for a girl. On top of the great lyrics, the song is an enjoyable pop song.
  2. Ke$ha, "Tik Tok": This song is not about love, but about simply having fun. If you want your girlfriend to have a perfect song to jam to, this is the one. Show your a supportive caring boyfriend and play this song for your girlfriend.
  3. Justin Bieber, "Somebody to Love": Whether you love or hate him, your girlfriend is sure to love this beat. This song is a great way of expressing your appreciation or the love you have found. In addition, the song stands strong with Usher's spectacular contributions.
  4. Katy Pery, "Teenage Dream": A contemporary 2010 favorite, this song is one every girlfriend loves to hear. The song made billboard's hot 100, and is played frequently on MTV, VH1, and TeenNick. The lyrics express the great joy with how a boy makes her feel, hopefully a reflection of how your girlfriend feels about you.
  5. Ke$ha, "Your Love is My Drug": If your girlfriend is truly in love, this is the song to play. The lyrics express a crazed hardcore love with fantastic beats to match the fun lyrics. It's a song you can enjoy along with your girlfriend, maybe as a way to tell her how much she means to you.
  6. Ingrid Michaelson, "Can't Help Falling in Love": Ingrid's beautiful remake of Elvis Presley's song is a true gem. It is one of the best songs for girlfriends as it shows in a romantic loving way that you are in love with her. Ingrid's vocals will surely be loved by any girlfriend, and if that doesn't get her the lyrics sure will.
  7. Jackson 5, "ABC": No matter how old or from what generation, every girlfriend will love this song. It is a fun love song that makes anyone want to get up and dance. It's a great way to show you love to have fun and have a generally loving heart.
  8. Beatles, "And I love Her": This is the best way to sway a girl into your arms – the Beatles. The lyrics are moving and true, giving you a way to express your love with this timeless classic. The song has not ceased to be popular and will make a unique way to warm your gal's heart.
  9. Shakira, "Gypsy": If you want to direct your attention to your girlfriend's eccentricities and boho personality, this is the song for you. The lyrics are fun, and the song is soothing/relaxing. Either the English or Spanish version ("Gitana") is sure to win your girlfriend's heart.
  10. Fiona Apple, "Across the Universe": Arguably one of the most beautiful songs of all time, this remake of the Beatles original is a great way to show your girl your artistic soft side. The song has been perfectly redone with Fiona's swaying vocals and a fusion of instruments. This may just be the best song for girlfriends.
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