10 Best Songs With Good Bass

The 10 best songs with good bass run the full range from hip hop to rock. Some classic rock songs have bass that will get your car thumping, and some old school hip hop has bass value as well. Check out the list of the 10 best songs with good bass and see if they can get your sub-woofers jumping.

  1. "Bust a Move" (1989) Young MC. The bass line on this song was delivered by Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea, and he appears more than once on the list of the 10 best songs with good bass. The bass keeps this song moving and helped make this a huge hit.
  2. "Under Pressure" (1981) Queen. The rock band Queen also appear a couple of times on the list of 10 best songs with good bass. This song was written by Queen and featured David Bowie on vocals along with Freddie Mercury.
  3. "Another One Bites The Dust" (1980) – Queen. This is one of the most famous bass lines ever written and definitely one of the top 10 best songs with good bass. This song is still sampled and played in dance clubs all over the world.
  4. "Higher Ground" (1973) Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder's original version of "Higher Ground" (1973) is the set-up for one of the 10 best songs with good bass. When Flea and the Red Hot Chili Peppers remade this song in 1989, it became a great bass song.
  5. "Come Together" (1969) The Beatles. If you have never used this song to test out your sub-woofers then you have no clue what you are missing. The ominous bass in this song creates quite a rumble.
  6. "Without Me" (2002) Eminem. Rapper Eminem has never had a problem giving his opinions, and when he sets those opinions to excellent bass grooves then you have something worth listening to. This song appears on the album "The Eminem Show" (2002) and became a huge hit on the radio and MTV.
  7. "All Right Now" (1970) Free. The band Free had many minor hits in the 1970's, but their biggest hit was also one of the 10 best songs with good bass. There are several instances in "All Right Now" (1970) where the bass just takes over.
  8. "YYZ" (1981) Rush. It is impossible to make a list of the 10 best songs with good bass and not include something by Rush with bassist Geddy Lee. This instrumental shows how tight the band is and how technically proficient Lee is as well.
  9. "Dazed and Confused" (1969) Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin took an old blues classic and re-worked into a rock and roll standard. The bass line by John Paul Jones in this song drives it for over 20 minutes in some live versions.
  10. "The Real Me" (1974) The Who. This song is from the Who's rock opera "Quadrophenia" (1973). This song is very underrated for its bass lines, but it is definitely one of the 10 best songs with good bass ever recorded.



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